Childcare Network is a wonderful place for kids. I have really been satisfied on the care my kids recieve from Childcare Network. The staff us very friendly and they show concern and care to all the children. The Director and Assistant Director are wonderful also. You are always greeted with a friendly smile and a warm hello. Childcare Network Rocks!

Fanielle, Karen and myra are a great team who will care for your four year old with love while preparing them for school but it team work yours and theirs.

The waddler and toddler teachers are amazing. Thank you so much for loving on Jayden! He loves spending time with his teachers and friends and I love that he is safe and happy throughout the day. I am grateful for yor patience, kindness, and consistency. Wishing you many blessings as you have been such a blessing to Jayden!

Childcare Network #210 is the best daycare ever! My girls love to go tothis daycare. The teachers are awesome and really show they are. I recommend this daycare to everyone. I love my Childcare Network #210 Crew!!

My first child went here for over 2.5 years and my second child has been at Childcare Network since she was born. The teachers and directors are so caring and dedicated, I can't imagine what I would do without them. Leaving your children with someone is a huge responsibility, and these teachers don't take it lightly. I know that they care for my children and take the very best care of them during the day.

Children's Network #174 has the best childcare PERIOD! I have children of every age that have attended. The teachers are loving, caring and true to developing your children. I go to work everyday with "Peace" knowing my children are being taken care of, learning and having fun. I highly recommend this location!!

I enrolled my son at Childcare Network #205 when he was 8 weeks old and he'll be 2 in a few months. The experience has been great since daycare. Not only do they have a warm welcoming atmosphere, all of the staff is nice and knows each child by name. The teachers have helped with my son's development tremendously. He's very independent and responsible. If I drop something, he'll say "uh-oh" and pick it up for me. Being a first-time mom, they also offer the best advice when needed. If you want your child in safe hands, Childcare Network #205 is the place to be.

My kids have been going here since 2006, and they had so much fun, the rooms are filled with age appropriate toys and the teachers are so nice and love the kids like there own. Now my two older boys 12 & 9 do after school care and no longer go to this daycare but my 2 1/2 year old does and he has the same teacher my 9 yr old had which is awesome! Everyone there is always smiling and you can honestly tell they love kids and there job. I would strongly recommend this daycare!

Great location, great team of people, progressive learning in every class room! Awesome curriculum! I believe this is the best place for my infant daughter. We are beyond excited that she is on her way to reaching her full potential.

This place is great. They have so many extra activities they do for the kids and families. Management and staff are great!

Kacie Glenn
December 2016
I have had two off my three boys go here. I have dealt with several different daycarestyles in the process and this place is awesome. Christa seriously makes it and loves her job. I feel blessed that my kids go here A++++

Major Brown
December 2016
Childcare network has provided my children and others with safe environment for learning. Childcare network has an awesome teaching staff.

Laura Webster
October 2016
This school is incredible. They have gone above and beyond to make our little babe feel loved and safe at daycare. They have helped with personal things as well. This school really cares about their babies and families. WE ARE SO THANKFUL FOR THE CHILDCARE NETWORK in leland and I would recommend this school to any family.

I'd just like to say that Mallory was taught so much and so well by Ms. Sheila that she was accepted into the Early Kindergarten Program. Ms. Sheila was amazing and so orderly that I feel she is the reason my daughter is doing so well.

I love all the changes that have been made here at CNI 261, the staff is always so willing to help and my children love it here.

I am comfortable knowing my son is in great care when he is not at school and that he is safe on the bus after school. he is having a blast playing after school and it is such a relief.

I am truly grateful for the opportunity that my daughter, Deona has to attend such a wonderful school. Upon entering, she had very limited knowledge of the alphabet and numbers. She also, struggled with writing her name. I used to think she would fall behind. As a parent, this really concerned me. However, since she's been here, I've watched her grow, both socially and academically. She is even writing her name. She is so excited about going to school and learning. She absolutely adores her techers. I would like to extend my sincere appreciation to everyone that has played a role in making her learning a success.

Childcare Network was one the best decisions I've made when it came to deciding who was i going to trust to care for my children while i attended school and work. My daughter absolutely loves it! My son as well, even though he only goes during the summer months. The staff there are absolutely amazing. My daughter is 5 years old and will soon be graduating from Ms.Val's class and i feel she is very well prepared for Kindergarten. Ms. Ashley, Ms. Val, you ladies ROCK! Thanks for everything you do and genuinely caring for My children. I can't call everyone by name, so just know that i greatly appreciate you all for all the hard work you guys do! It has truly been my pleasure being a part of the Childcare Network family! :-)

I am grateful that my daughter is in the capable hands of Childcare Network. She has had some great teachers, but I am so grateful for Ms. Stephanie. I had the opportunity to observe Ms. Stephanie with the class a couple weeks ago and she was so patient, caring, and engaging with the kids. I can't imagine how challenging it can be to work with a large group of 2 year olds each day, but she is really great with them. It feels good knowing that when I can't be with my daughter, she is with a teacher who genuinely cares about her. 

The staff at Childcare Network are really great with my children. They are aware of their individual personalities, cares, needs and wants. They are genuine and trustworthy. My children look forward to going to school everyday. I consider the staff as part of my family and I wouldn't trade them for anything!

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