Let me say THANK YOU! I know this is just a ‘job’ but I am so grateful that I can walk away each day and know my kids are cared for. Sometimes if I think about it long enough I could cry realizing I don’t get to spend much time with them. But it’s such a comfort to know they are safe and cared for. I hope you all feel appreciated and recognized for how absolutely exhausting and trying this job can be. I see you! I feel you! And I’m so incredibly grateful you spend your days loving on my kiddos when I can’t.

Patrizia Gardzielik
May 2017
Ms. Lisa is amazing. She not only takes great care of our son, but she treats all the kids with respect. She is calm and loving. He has learned so many new things in her class. We love the outside play area for the 2 year olds and all the time the kids get to spend playing outside. The lessons and subjects they focus on each week are well planned for each age group. We've seen so much progress and excitement from our son.

I took my son into this Daycare thinking that I definitely wouldn't want him to be here due to not ever being in childcare before. The process was easy and Nicole was great. We were introduced to all the teachers and my son got right into a class and we had no issues. He cried a bit but after a while he was good.

Great experience. They were very welcoming and reassuring. They showed us around the daycare. Super exited to be enrolling my daughter here.

MacKenzie Lewis
April 2017
My son started this past August and has excelled tremendously. He knows his numbers and letters and everyday he tells me a new subject or topic that he learned. The teachers are truly caring and love their job!

Charmicka Jordan
March 2017
We absolutely LOVE Childcare Network #4!! Ms. Vanessa and her staff is everything you can ask for in a daycare center. I knew my son was in good hands and that's a great feeling to have!

Jessica Ellis
February 2017
I love taking my daughter here. She is well taken care of and anytime an issue comes up, Tiffany (the director) addresses it immediately. They have excellent staff and are so convenient for anyone who lives in the Windsor Forest/coffee bluff area. I would definitely recommend this daycare!

I absolutely love Childcare Network in Georgetown, KY. My daughter started here a couple months ago and when she started she was in the wobbler room with Ms. Ashley who is a fabulous teacher! Since my daughter is now walking we moved her to red room with Ms. Megan! I couldn't be happier with the teachers at the daycare! Even if the main teacher is absent the floating teachers that step in to help are amazing! My daughter loves each and every teacher at the daycare. I can't say enough nice things about the director Ms. Stephanie. She knows every child by name and my daughter and many other kids give her hugs before they go home. I love how secure the building is as well! I will say it is so clean as well! Carpets are cleaned by a professional company monthly! I would highly recommend this daycare to everyone!

Alicia Troxell
January 2017
I just want to write a quick review for any parent considering Child Care Network number 147 for their child or children. I have two children that attend this facility, one is in early Headstart, the other is in pre-K. My pre-K child is autistic, ADHD, ODD, and I mention that because quite frankly she can be very difficult to work with at times but her teachers are absolutely amazing as well as all of the staff that chips in to help her get back to a calm state when she is overwhelmed and having one of her meltdowns. I also want to mention the staff that work with my son, They treat him literally as if he were their child. He loves them and it is clear that he enjoys his experience there as well as my daughter does. Normally I wouldn't even add this to the review but I feel like it's necessary because everybody knows that there's nobody or no place in this world that is perfect and I've had one or two small issues come up but I just want everyone out there to know that these issues were resolved the day of and they were handled immediately with the upmost respect and They did not make me feel like I was in the wrong for bringing something up. So for anyone questioning this place, I assure you if I can feel at peace with leaving my kids with them then anyone can.

Heather Kevin Sheehan
January 2017
My daughter is 2.5 years old and has been going to CNI #20 for about a year and a half. Words cannot describe how much I love the staff at this school. The love they have for my daughter is almost as much as I have for her. They truly care about the well-being of each child, as well as their education. My heart breaks knowing that my daughter won't be attending here once we move. The staff are not only co-workers, but a family. They have their own relationship with each child and their parents, they get to know you on a personal level and make you apart of their CNI family. I am so blessed to have had them apart of my family and my daughter life. It just won't be the same once we leave

Andre Richardson
November 2016
I am totally impressed with the interaction between the entire staff and my two kids. The genuine level of attentiveness is phenomenal. The true validation comes from seeing/listening to my kids as they relate their day with great excitement. Would have given a 5-Star rating, withholding elevating the rating until the US Flag returns to being flown in front of the school as promised. I believe children should see the flag displayed daily, as it aids with establishing their foundation for patriotism.

I love this daycare! We started going almost 4 years ago, and now we have our infant attending. The infant-Schoolers rooms are outstanding. Honestly, I have no complaints when it comes to this daycare. If you want a daycare that treats you like family, this is the place to go! Side note: The school is SUPER clean, which is a must. :)

Brittany Tharp
September 2016
My almost 3 year old has been going to Childcare Network #228 since he was 8 weeks old. They have always been very polite and courteous. If I've ever had any concerns, they always addressed them promptly. I am a first time Mom, so I was a wreck the first year, but they understood that and took care of us. They are amazing with helping potty train and helping to instill manners. They are like family to us now!

I could not be happier with #188 in Benton, AR. After a traumatic "daycare" experience at a totally separate facility in our town, I was worried my 2.5 year old would never enjoy "school." Miss Bree has changed our lives with the love and security she shows Winnie. I have never worried about whether she is having fun or if she's being taken care of. Winnie asks to go to her "new school" every day. It is a relief as a parent to know your precious babies are cared for and not just kept alive until you pick them up. Miss Elyssa cares for my 10 month old as if she was her own. The babies are always happy and playing when I drop in unannounced. My baby isn't hoarse from crying all day, she is happy and thriving. I absolutely love this school and I am so thankful we found them

My granddaughters Aleyzha & Mahagany. Are both in. Childcare Network. I can not tell you how happy We are. They treat the girls and all of the children wonderfully. I must say Ruth the Director is the best. A very kind understanding person. The rest of the staff I don't know them all by name but they are just as wonderful. Keep Up the Good work. Julie Vázquez

My daughter stated with Child care network in January, When i first took her for a visit my daughter went right to the staff, as soon as we left she began to walk. My daughter started in the infant room because she wasn't one yet. At first it was very hard to leave my child with strangers, after she stayed with her grandmother for 11 Months, But when I dropped her off for the first day the staff was very welcoming, and made me feel at ease, and well as my daughter. My Daughter has now moved to the infant room and everyday she comes home I can tell shes learning more and more each day. Also Child care network provides parents with a report of your child for the day. If anyone was to ask me about Child care Network 253 I would high recommend to any parent. Its a great feeling to come to work and not have to be concern about your child well begin. All of the staff is awesome.

The staff at Childcare Network are really great with my children. They are aware of their individual personalities, cares, needs and wants. They are genuine and trustworthy. My children look forward to going to school everyday. I consider the staff as part of my family and I wouldn't trade them for anything!

The place is always clean. My 3 yr old daughter is happy when I drop her off and happy when I pick her up. They called me with a concern about her having strep throat one day....so I took her to the doc when I picked her up and they were right. I thought it was just a sore throat and would not have taken her that day. They care about her happiness and well being at this childcare center.

Tameka Green
January 2016
My 3 year-old son has grown so much with this daycare( been there since 5 mos). The teachers are very professional and loving. Parent conferences are scheduled to discuss your child's developmental milestones. I've definitely decided that he will attend their pre-k program. Great leadership and Ms. Tiffany & Ms. Rasheeda are the absolute best! They treat the children as if they were their own. I have never had a complaint or worry while my son is in their care.

My daughter is in the two year old program and loves it! She has only been there for 2 months and she has learned so much. She started talking a lot more, learning songs and her alphabet. The teachers are great and keep you informed. I would recommend this daycare to anyone.

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