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Martinez Child Care & Preschool Testimonials

Amber Pilgrim
July 2017
Eating lunch at Cicis today and a group of kids came in to eat and began to question Teddy about money and he proceeded to tell them money can be replaced and that they needed to not worry and that they deserved it etc. You could just tell Teddy really enjoyed his job and really loved each and everyone of those kids! Love to hear and see these things!

Betty Allen
February 2017
I am very pleased with the staff, they are very professional, always on top if things, keeps you informed about school activities and I'm very satisfied with the way they have worked with my Godson first time in school and they are very attentive to his needs and he has improved greatly since he started

Jawanna Wiley
February 2017
My child has been in this facility for a year, since she was 2 months old. I absolutely love her teachers, Ms. Donna and Ms. G, and I know they love my daughter also. They truly care about all of the kids. My daughter also loves her teachers and is excited to go to school everyday. She has recently been "promoted" to the toddler class and we look forward to working with Ms. Kandice. They have an open door policy, which I take advantage of several days a week. I couldn't have made a better choice for my baby! ------- Update 2/15/16 I am continuously amazed by the things my daughter knows and has learned from school each day. She has learned routines and know what to expect each day in class. Ms. Kandice is currently teaching the 2 year old class so my daughter is still under the care of Ms. G, and now Ms. Sandra. I still rate this school 5 stars!!!

MeMe Love
February 2017
I really like the staff here. Everyone is so friendly and are very helpful with the kids. The teachers keep you up to date on upcoming activities and provide information on my child's behavior on a daily basis.

Alicia Manigault
February 2017
You cannot go wrong by choosing this daycare. They provide a great learning environment and all of the childcare teachers are very friendly. I'm so glad that my toddler attends this daycare

Jo Ann Brown
February 2016
Childcare Network #23 is the best daycare I've experienced. The director Ms. Chandrea she is awesome, very kind, polite and informative. The staff is very friendly, you're always greeted when you enter the facility makes you feel warm and inviting. My granddaughter attends school here and she loves it, she started when she was around one now she's 2. She began in Ms. Candice's class and she fell in love with Ms. Candice and grew and learned a lot. Her teacher was moved to another classroom and she had to get attached to another teacher Ms. G, it took her a moment but she finally got attached to her new teacher and she likes her a lot as well. Now she's back with Ms. Candice and we are excelling again together. My granddaughter knows her alphabet, numbers 1-20, colors, shapes and etc. I highly recommend this daycare to anyone that's looking, Childcare Network #23 is number 1 in my book.

Teneasha T.
October 2015
My son has been attending this location since 2012 but my family is to relocate in the next few weeks. I'm extremely sad that he will no longer be able to attend. My son started at the center before he could even walk and before I knew it they had not only helped get him off his pacifer but helped him learn to walk. The teachers are amazing and I have never had any complaints. The daycare center is like a family and they truly go above and beyond for their kids. The director Mrs.Chandrea greets me everyone morning with a smiling face and makes you feel more than welcomed. This center is highly recommended and if you have any doubts feel free to take a tour you will not regret it. Best decision I've made as a working Mother! !!

Amber T.
May 2015
My daughter has been going to this daycare for a little while now and it is amazing! Mrs. T is her teacher and she is great. The room is clean and set up like a classroom and the kids are always learning something. All the teachers and people who work there are always smiling and happy to great the kids.

Randee M.
May 2015
We have recently transferred our 21 month old daughter to Childcare Network #23 and Ms. Kandice has made the transition a great experience by making sure she was comfortable in her new classroom. She keeps the children busy with activities throughout the day and I can tell she genuinely cares for all of her students. My daughter loves going to this daycare she always comes home happy and excited about her day. Also, the entire staff is very welcoming and will greet you with big smile. I love Childcare Network!

Quinnetta C.
March 2015
Our son has attended Childcare Network #23 since he was 11 months old. He has loved every room and teacher he has grown with starting from the infant room and now transitioning into Pre-K soon. We love it so much we will be trusting them with our next baby later on this year!

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