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Charlotte Child Care & Preschool Testimonials

Tara Onufrak
April 2017
I wanted to let you know how grateful I am for you, your staff, and the other students at Childcare Network. Everyone has been so welcoming to Lincoln and I. Your support has gone above and beyond to help make the best of a complicated situation. Drop-offs have never been Lincoln's strong suit, but they are getting easier. The best part is that every day that I come to pick him up, he is so excited to show me his classroom and tell me what a great day he had before giving hugs or high-fives to all his classmates, teachers, and even older kids in the halls. I am so deeply touched by the kindness that he and I have been extended and thank you from the bottom of my heart for your attention, patience, and the care you have shown my family.

Felicia Knox
March 2017
I am writing letter to you to inform you of the care that my son Aidan Jeffries is receiving from one of the centers here in Charlotte, NC center #54.
Aidan has been with Childcare Network since birth but when Mrs. Terri left the location on East way I follow her to this center. Aidan is now 4 years and since he has been in this center I have seen his knowledge increase daily, but most recently his knowledge of math and reading his increase. I was hoping to have him enroll into Pre-K with our local school system, but unfortunately he was deemed ready for kindergarten per the Pre-K program. I pick on Mrs. Terri Flake that I was mad at her and her staff for making my child too smart, but it shows that my child is learning above average of most kids
that are eligible for Pre-K program. I am very pleased with this center and Mrs. Avis performance in developing Aidan ready for school. This school year 2018-2019 Aidan will be at the center but he will be super ready for the school year of 2019-2020 with the curriculum and teacher guidance that this center offers.

Google Reviewer
April 2016
I enjoy this daycare for my son the staff is friendly and helpful

Lomami O.
April 2016
I absolutely love my my child's classroom. He is learning so much. He can write his name and even color inside the lines. He is becoming more independent. He is beginning to learn how to read. The environment is nuturing and inviting. I love the fact that his teacher pays attention to the little things. It means a lot to me as a parent that I can trust his teachers while I am not there. He is in great hands.

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