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6 weeks-12 years
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Gastonia Child Care & Preschool Testimonials

Lavonya Leach
May 2016
I was so skeptical about Childcare Network, because my children were at a facility that was extremely treacherous and I was so traumatized by that experience that I became extremely cautious and overzealous about my children and the care that they received while I was working hard and trying to create a better future for our family. Nevertheless, as soon as I approached Childcare Network the first thing that stuck out to me was their system, the facility had a very secure system where the parents had to enter a code into the keypad in order to enter into the facility (A Big Plus). Secondly, the facility did not have any doors (AWESOME) whereas everything could be seen out in the open and nothing was hidden or unrevealed to parents coming in and out when picking up or dropping off children. Third, these teachers actually work with the children and teach them and educate them instead of just letting them run all over the place to pass time (A HUGE PLUS). Fourth, The Coordinator sits in front of the camera and does not let anything get bypassed she is very adamant about the safety of the children (An Super Plus), although the staff are very friendly and greets me every morning and every evening with a smile they take great care of the children I swear they are like my children’s second mom. lol (An Super Duper Plus) and I am very content and secure and at AWE with this facility I wish I’d searched a bit more and choose this facility for my children in the beginning. The first day my children started they went into their classroom full of excitement. I swear you’d never know that it was their first day. They normally would cry at their previous daycare and that is what had me so much in shock, honestly I was so worried about them attending a new daycare and meanwhile they were more than ready to dive-in and interact with the other children. Also, my daughter would always have bruises on her at the previous facility and fighting all the time now she is the sweetest thing she doesn’t come home with all kinds of unexplained bruises or tries to fight she is still a little bossy but not violent with it. As for my son he was not as talkative as he is now. Very, Very Impressive! I feel like children can get vibes about a negative and positive environment and they react to it in many ways. Their reaction left me at peace. There are so many amazing experiences and accomplishments my children have exhibited that it could take me a whole other 2 or 3 pages to write (lol). But if you are a parent looking for nothing but the best and nothing less childcare facility……. Childcare Network #99 on Union Road is the best facility that I would recommend for you and your child. Absolutely a commendable facility. I LOVE IT!!!! YOU WILL TOO!!! TRUST ME!!!!!

Google Reviewer
April 2016
I love childcare network #99. Both of my children go there. The atmosphere is very professional and the teachers are great. The curriculum the teach is amazing and my 2 year old soak it all up like a sponge. Both director there are alway friendly. I couldn't ask for a better daycare.

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