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Raleigh Child Care & Preschool Testimonials

Evelyn C.
March 2017
The reason I chose to enroll my daughters at Childcare Network #61 was because of the gardens and environmental education. I appreciate the investment Ms. Wanda makes in the playgrounds, the building, and in making sure all classes get experience growing food/flowers in the garden. The best part, aside from how deeply the staff cares for my girls, is seeing the food from the garden served at lunch!

Quanasia Dean
March 2017
Childcare Network has been a great experience for my children and myself. My children have been here for about 4 years now and they love it. The teachers here are very nice and helpful at all times. They make things easy and we feel very comfortable leaving our children here they are like family!

March 2016
I have been an educator for the last twenty years and the last time I was this impressed with a school was about eighteen years ago. The childcare network on Western blvd is one of the most superb schools I have been in, in a very long time. Starting with the caring and patient school teachers, to the front desk and additional personnel, the school radiates excellence.
I believe that the director always sets the tone for a school and Ms. Wanda is by far one of the most qualified, inspirational and dedicated administrators I have ever met. Her vision, and constant pusuit of excellence is so satisfying in a time when so many do not care. Her commitment to incorporating science, math, history and nutrition make this school a place that not only educates the whole child but embraces the very core of their curiosity and the children to blossom in ways that so many schools do not.
I have been in many school settings and have been in some of the top pre schools in the country. As a developmental therapist I get to travel to schools all over the triangle area. This daycare is run and looks like a high rate private school. From it's curriculum, decor, and over all atmosphere. This school embodies and is what every school in the U.S. should look, feel and run like.
I would highly recommend this school and if I had small children again (which my daughters are now in college) I would place them in this school without hesitation!

Ayanna B.
December 2015
Childcare Network is the best daycare ever! The teachers and staff there really care about your kids!

Kelly S.
November 2015
Flexible hours, affordable care, kind caregivers, and a warm and inviting environment for our 3 children. Our Kindergartener is excelling due to the lessons and teaching when she was in the pre-k classroom with Ms. Stephanie and Mr. James. Just the right amount of love, learning and discipline to prepare her for kindergarten. Our three year old never cries when we drop her off. She is so lovingly received into the classroom and engaged with peers immediately. She barely notices we have left! And I cant say enough about the amazing infant room. Ms. Kathy and Ms. Emmie have made the transition from maternity leave back to work as smooth as possible. I never worry leaving my sweet baby in their very capable hands! You can tell that they truly care about the children in their care. Both Ms. Corrine and Ms. Wanda in the front office have been very flexible with our family and are always looking to add new educational aspects to the center. I hope that Childcare Network as a company is recognizing and appreciating this center and all the awesome caregivers!

Joan H.
November 2015
Childcare Network #61 off of Western Blvd was a hidden treasure for my son and family. I’m so happy we found the center. When I began looking for a Pre-K program to send my son to, I was working from a background of Early Childhood Development. I was seeking a program that would meet his individual needs by still showing him love and affection but also a program to prepare him for Kindergarten. As a parent, I wanted a program that could take him from where he was and intentionally move him forward in his development. When I came across Childcare Network #61 that was exactly what I found. During my observation I saw the teachers implementing developmentally appropriate practices; lesson plans that were intentionally planned to develop children’s skill sets; and, a variety of materials both indoors and outdoors for children to manipulate and explore. I found all that in the Kindergarten Prep Academy at Childcare Network #61. I have been very impressed with what my child is learning and experiencing at his school in Ms. Seton’s class.

Cristy H.
July 2015
My daughter has been attending this daycare for years. She loves it!! The staff is great, I would recommended this daycare to any families looking for safe reliable child care.

Martha H.
July 2015
My daughter enjoys coming to school, getting a chance to visit other friends and babies! Mrs. Amy and Mrs. Hillary are doing a great job with the 2 year olds. Just a great center with great loving, caring, fun and exciting teachers. Keep up the good work Ms. Wanda and Ms. Corrine!!!

Todd D.
June 2015
Our infant day care experience has been nothing but wonderful. Ms. Kathy, Ms. Emmy, and others have provided an environment of trust and authentic care for our daughter. Every morning I drop off my child and she smiles and giggles with excitement as she sees Ms. Kathy. People really do make the difference in the perception of a place. The environment is clean and feels safe. We have thoroughly enjoyed the first six months of our experience and we definitely recommend it for others.

Carla D.
May 2015
Our experience in the first infant classroom has been wonderful. Miss Kathy and Miss Emmie are friendly, so helpful, and my child loves them. Her face lights up when she sees them each morning -- we love seeing that.

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