My son has been going here for preschool and summer camp and he did very well. The teachers are quite caring and attentive and manage to teach these little kids so many things, it's amazing. My son uses manners, he sings the songs he learns at home and in the car, he even asks me to cook the same foods they make at school for him at home. I have seen so much progress in him, and although he has somewhat severe separation anxiety, this school is like his home away from home.

My son Brandon attends Childcare Network in Fuquay! I am always greeted with kindness when I bring him in the morning! I love being able to drop him off knowing that my son is safe and with a wonderful and loving staff. He has learned so much since he started going to that daycare and they even send learning material home for me to work with him!

Parents want and need a place to send their children in which they feel comfortable with and can trust the people watching their children. Childcare Network #169 is that place. We have been sending our children to Childcare Network #169 for over a year now and there is no other place that we would want our kids to go. Believe us when we say that the staff there are very professional and care for the kids like they are their own. Every time you open the door of Childcare Network #169 you are greeted by members of the staff that make dropping your children off easier and easier every day you do so. We can honestly say that all the employees there feel like family whether they are in your child's classroom or not. The classroom environments are that of learning and safety, which are preparing the kids for their next milestones. It is always a joy and comfort to be able to ask your child what they learned each day and it will be something new and different. This is not your typical day care, it is far more than that. It is a place that takes the children and parent's needs and puts them first. They consistently go above and beyond and we will continue to send our children there as long as we can

Shuntra Godfrey
April 2017
I know their is a lot of childcare places in lowndes county but this one is by far the best/ great staff!

Christopher Bell
April 2017
I just want to say how great Childcare Network #56 Is. The greatest thing about them is their people. Everyone is friendly and courteous. I truly believe they care about my children and the management staff, especially Lakesha, is very open and down to earth. I feel comfortable coming to her with any concern and she addresses it with care and consideration. Elijah and Layla love their teachers and always seem like they enjoy themselves while they are there. I hope this email will give CN#56 many kudos and any bonus awarded to them is much deserved.

We changed our daughter's daycare because we felt she wasn't getting the proper care. She changed to Childcare Network at the beginning of 2017. The Director and staff are always so helpful and kind. The first week she started at the center, everyone knew her name and would say Hello to her every morning. Since she has started there, she has learned how to count to 18, the alphabet, and her word usage has expanded and developed dramatically. She also picked up on potty training, within 4 months of being there, she is completely potty trained. We just love her teachers, as they always say hello and talk to us about how her day was when I drop her off in the morning or my husband picks her up in the afternoons.

I would definetly recommend Childcare Network to all my friends and family. I have had a wonderful experience since I been there. My children teachers are amazing. I greatly appreciate each and every single one of them. From Ms. Tyra which is one of my son's teachers. To everyone who helps me not stress about how my daughter can get home from school since she attends the after school program. I am just amazed. I have seen a lot of changes since they have Ms. D in charge. Thanks again everyone keep it up!

As previously noted by another reviewer, this location has been transitioning for some time, and there have been a number of staff changes. It is important to note that there are people who will quit their job without the courtesy of giving a two week notice. The Director and the Assistant Director have always informed me of these changes as soon as they are notified by the people who are leaving. They have either told me directly or sent a note home. Besides staff changes, all of the other adjustments have been normal things that happen during transitions like menu changes. Overall my experience has been that the staff are friendly and they genuinely care about the children they take care of. When my children are injured or have injured someone else, I am notified at pick up with the specifics or called immediately after the incident if it is serious. The teachers are all hands on and can tell me what kind of day my children have had (my children are in different rooms). I know that when my children are at this day care they are being taken care of, and I do not have to worry about anything. The peace of mind that the staff at this daycare give me is priceless.

Great location, great team of people, progressive learning in every class room! Awesome curriculum! I believe this is the best place for my infant daughter. We are beyond excited that she is on her way to reaching her full potential.

Jenifer Mullens
February 2017
This facility is awesome! The children are in early head start programs which means they are LEARNING all day instead of just being "watched". The facility is very clean and has brand new classroom materials. I drive across town just to make sure my kids come here. My daughter was here from birth to 12 years old and now I have my 2 year old twins here. There are great teachers here, the staff is awesome!!

My husband and I separated, and my daughter had a hard time accepting that so she started acting out. She was in another daycare center, but we later enrolled at CNI and since, then the change has been amazing! Mrs.Brenda and Mrs. Shani have been a god-send to me and my family. They have just been phenomenal. Brenda does a wonderful job with the children. People should know just how great this childcare center is!

Cheri Dana
September 2016
I've been to three other daycares in the area. This place is excellent. Cheri had been learning and is so clean. All the staff seen to know my child's name not just her teacher. And it is so clean. I highly recommend Childcare Network

Classrooms have security cameras, the teachers are awesome! Very clean and healthy meals provided.

Facebook Review
April 2016
We have had a great experience at the Childcare Network on University Ave (number 9). We plan to keep our child in afterschool care when he goes to elementary school and enroll our infant when she's old enough.

Stella is so happy here!

I have had a wonderful experience at Childcare Network 183. The staff are extremely friendly and take care of my children. My children have been ttending this school for almost two years and this is the best school. Thanks to the staff who make it easy for parents ;ole myself to go to work with a peace of mind. My chilldren enjoy coming to school everyday and talk my head off about all of the wonderful activities they do while at daycare! Great Job 183!!

Excellent staff, excellent communication skills, and excellent facilities! For the last year, my child has been well-taken care of every day at Childcare Network in Kernersville. The teachers regularly spoke with me about my child's day to keep me informed. They performed regular evaluations of his vision and hearing, and were helping us prepare for Pre-K. I have absolutely no complains about this place!

My son is 2 1/2 and he loves his teacher and the staff. They are very patient and spend time with my son helping him with his delvopment. I would recommend Childcare network to anyone who is looking for a place for their child to develop social skills and learn.

Tameka Green
January 2016
My 3 year-old son has grown so much with this daycare( been there since 5 mos). The teachers are very professional and loving. Parent conferences are scheduled to discuss your child's developmental milestones. I've definitely decided that he will attend their pre-k program. Great leadership and Ms. Tiffany & Ms. Rasheeda are the absolute best! They treat the children as if they were their own. I have never had a complaint or worry while my son is in their care.

My daughter is in the two year old program and loves it! She has only been there for 2 months and she has learned so much. She started talking a lot more, learning songs and her alphabet. The teachers are great and keep you informed. I would recommend this daycare to anyone.

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