I was apprehensive to leave my newborn with strangers but I have to admit this place is perfect for her. She loves every last person who works there and they keep me constantly informed of her development. This location focuses on the outdoors so my child plays outside almost daily and even gets to plant a garden. I highly recommend this daycare to any parent.

Bonnie A. Gibbs
February 2017
A GREAT DAYCARE I have been using this daycare since 2011 and I have been very satisfied. My child has always loved the adults that look after the children. This is his last year as he will age out at 13 years old. He loves the children that are in the after school program and will miss them as well as the staff. This is a very safe and caring place to leave your children and is one of the best priced daycares in town.

Jennifer G. Smith
February 2017
This is a great childcare center! The classrooms are clean, the teachers are friendly and loving towards the children. This is definitely a 5 Star center! ( and the location is great!)

Jennifer G. Smith
February 2017
This is a great childcare center! The classrooms are clean, the teachers are friendly and loving towards the children. This is definitely a 5 Star center! ( and the location is great!)

Tynikia Whatley
February 2017
The teachers are doing a great job. It amazes me all the new things my 2 yr old is learning. I'm glad to be a part of such a wonderful place.

Martha Moore
January 2017
Highly recommended. Now have two children who attend this school and they receive the love, care, attention and education that is needed for a head start in life.

I love the friendly atmosphere at Childcare Network! You can tell that the teachers enjoy being with the children. I am happy to have found this excellent school for my children!

This is one of the neatest daycare I know in Jacksonville NC. The director and staff are all very professional yet accommodating.

I absolutely LOVE this daycare!! I have 4 children so I have had many experiences with other daycares and by far Childcare Network rates 100 in my book! All of the teachers are super sweet always greeting me with a smile and they all know me and my son by name, my son is 1 1/2 and he gets so happy when we pull in the parking lot so seeing him so happy and so comfortable makes me so happy!

Charlotte Gulley
January 2017
I absolutely LOVE this facility! ! I had enrolled by 2 boys into the Fairfield Childcare Network but the director there provided me with incorrect information about my boys both being able to attend that facility. I called over to the Michigan location in a panic and Hannah made a miracle happen. She was able to transfer my boys from the Fairfield location to Michigan and they started the next day. Both boys love their classes. All of the staff is friendly even the teachers that do not work directly with my boys. Everyone knows my babies by name and I feel so comfortable with them being at this facility. I know they are safe!! I also love that if anyone needs to reach me for any reason.. they will call or send me and email to keep me informed at all times!! Thanks to everyone for accepting my boys with open arms and taking such great care of them!! ??

ylah Davidson
September 2016
Awesome daycare, great staff.

Courtney C.
September 2016
I began using Chilcare Network when my daughter was just six weeks old. I was of course terrified to leave her as a new mom. The staff made me completely comfortable from the tour to telling me about her day each day. My daughter is 9 months old now and is still there. Every member of the staff makes you feel like family and takes care of your child as if it's their own!

L. Sharmaine
September 2016
My kids have been attending CN224 for a year now. I absolutely love this center. Mrs Tiffinee is the best director they've had. She is understanding and always goes above and beyond to make sure everyone is taken care of. And what can I say about my kids teachers: Jamanda, Micheal, Tamika, Renee, Leyonna, Millie are the best! They make my babies feel so loved. A and I know they are in the best hands. Thank you CN224 :)

Victoria Kickock
June 2016
Amazing daycare! My little girl absolutely loves going and is always a happy girl when we leave!

My son has been with the Childcare Network since he was 2 and he's 6 now. They have been so amazing to me and my family! I wouldn't trust my son anywhere else.

My family loves childcare network. I used to pick my son up right after work until one day he told me he wanted to stay late so he could play with the others kids. I used to feel guilty about leaving him at day care after work so I would pick him up as soon as I left work everyday. He finally told me don't pick him up too early because he wanted to stay and play with his friends. That really put my mind at ease knowing he loves going to day care after school. The director and the teachers are amazing and very professional!!! My son has been at Childcare Network since the summer of 2013. The building is immaculate!

I have been using Childcare Network since May 2013 and have been very well pleased and satisfied. The current director Ms. Ashley and her staff are very polite, assuring, and compassionate. Our child has learned an enormous amount all while having fun at the same time. I am confident that he will be more than ready for Kindergarten when the time comes. My family and I greatly appreciate all the hard work that goes into making Childcare Network a pleasurable experience!

Jessica Bustamante
April 2016
Our family loves Childcare Network! The teachers are awesome and they really love the children. I love walking in and seeing all the fun activities the children are engaged in and the creative artwork on the walls.

I have had a wonderful experience at Childcare Network 183. The staff are extremely friendly and take care of my children. My children have been ttending this school for almost two years and this is the best school. Thanks to the staff who make it easy for parents ;ole myself to go to work with a peace of mind. My chilldren enjoy coming to school everyday and talk my head off about all of the wonderful activities they do while at daycare! Great Job 183!!

My son has been attending Childcare Network #267 for two and a half years. The teachers have been an absolute blessing in our lives. They educate and love my son like a second mother. I am always impressed by how clean, fresh and organized the school is kept. The facility is safe and trustworthy. The administrators are friendly, knowledgeable and keep me informed. I'm so thankful for the care that they provide.

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