Below are answers to the most frequently asked questions that we are asked by parents researching child care options. If you are unable to find the answer to your question below, you can contact us at 866-521-5437 or email info@childcarenetwork.com


You can find the hours of operation for each school on their school's webpage. To search for the location nearest you click on our locations search on the main page. Generally, our schools are open Monday through Friday from 6:30 am to 6:30 pm. However, individual school hours may be adjusted to meet the needs of local community.


How do you monitor who comes in and out of the building?

Childcare Network schools have many safety procedures in place to protect children. Many of our schools have a keyless entry pad on the main entrance or an interior lobby door to limit access to the facility by first time visitors. Upon enrolling your child, you will receive a code to enter the classroom area of the building. If you have notified us that a friend or family member will be picking up your child, they will be asked for identification to verify their identity before they are allowed access to the building for pick up.

Are there cameras in the school?

Some Childcare Network schools are equipped with cameras. Cameras are specifically for the directors to use in monitoring the classrooms. For the protection of the children, there is no streaming video on a website or a mobile app.

Will my child be safe during transportation to/from school?

Childcare Network has gone above and beyond any state requirements with their bus safety procedures. Our buses are manufactured to the federal motor vehicle safety standards, which require heavy gauge steel construction with side impact barriers. In addition, they are equipped with child scan, flashing strobe lights, and seat belts. There are two rotations of staff members at Childcare Network that check through the bus at the end of each trip to make sure that no child is left on the bus.


Will my child be learning and be prepared for Kindergarten?

Yes. Your child will thrive at Childcare Network. We are all about creating fun learning experiences because we know that in the early years children develop and learn through active play. Each program at Childcare Network, starting with the infant classroom, uses a research based curriculum that is developmentally appropriate for the age of the child. The activities and lesson plans designed by the teachers encourage development in Language, Emerging Literacy, Math & Science, Gross Motor Skills, Creativity & Art, Social Skills, Physical Activity, Emotional Skills, Reasoning, Problem Solving and more.

When touring one of our schools, you will see the curriculum alive in our classrooms with art on the wall, special learning centers in the classrooms, dynamic displays and circle time activities. Our infant classrooms use the Bright Baby Curriculum, while our pre-k classrooms use the HighReach Learning Curriculum or Creative Curriculum. Our after school program and summer camp curriculums are designed by early childhood experts on our team here at Childcare Network.


Do I need to bring food for my child?

Each of our schools provides an opportunity for a healthy breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack for the children as part of your tuition and fees. Our menus are created using USDA guidelines and we cook foods that are child tested and approved!

Can I provide my own food?

No. Because we provide for food service for all children, we do not allow children to bring food into the school. Menu exceptions are allowed for children with documented religious or medical reasons. If a special diet is required, you may speak to the director about supplying the necessary food.


Who will be caring for my child all day?

The staff at Childcare Network consists of teachers, administrators, and cooks that are passionate about early childhood education. Your child will be in a classroom with 1-4 teachers each day depending on the size of the class. Our teachers receive background checks before starting employment and most teachers are CPR and First Aid Certified.

Many of our teachers have their college degrees, and we support their continued learning with our Tuition Assistance Program. This allows them to continue to provide your child with the best education possible. We also provide online training courses all year round through Child Care Education Institute (CCEI). As a company, our educators participate in over 1500 courses each month.

What is the ratio in my child's classroom?

The ratio in each classroom is dependent on the state requirements. Childcare Network adheres to all guidelines and state standards. In those states with a Quality Rated program, our schools may have even lower teacher to student ratios.

How do teachers handle discipline with my child?

We believe that discipline is the helpful guidance, encouragement, and support that adults use to influence children. It is not founded in punishment, rules and, restrictions, but in teaching children to resolve problems and seek solutions themselves. Appropriate discipline helps children learn how to interact and develop self control. Our staff and teachers at Childcare Network understand these concepts and utilize and follow a developmentally appropriate and character building strategy for handling classroom discipline. These strategies, as well as our biting policy can be found on page 11 in our Parent Handbook.


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