How to Find a Job Teaching Children

1. Certification - Make sure that you are certified in the state or can be certified for the teaching position you are applying for.

2. Do Your Research - Find out everything you can about the school, company, program, and position available.  Prepare to incorporate what you’ve learned into your answers during the interview.

3. Differentiate Yourself - If you have special training, unique work experience, or a specific qualification that you posses point it out this will help you stand out.

4. Network with People - Associate with as many educators as possible.  The more people you can make a good impression upon, the more likely they are to recommend you when a position opens up.

5. Ask Questions - Be prepared to ask questions during the interview.  Find out what technology is available in the classrooms, what is the typical class size, and if summer employment is available.  Engaging in questions shows your interest in the position.

6. Relate Your Experience - Consider the questions that will be asked during the interview and formulate your answers ahead of time.  Provide straightforward examples that can relate back to your previous work experience.

7. Know Your Philosophy - Be prepared to explain your views on education, discipline, and teaching.  Incorporate what you know about their program and curriculum.

8. Visit the School’s Website - If the school has one, consider researching their organization and getting a feel for how the school operates and what is important to them.

9. Role Play - Practice your interview with someone else.  Make good eye contact as you answer your questions and sit up straight.

10. Create a Portfolio - Make a copy of your resume, a lesson plan you created, letters of recommendation, and any previous work that will help you stand out.

11. Dress for Success - First impressions are crucial.  Wear an appropriate outfit that is professional and polished.

12. Show Your Passion - Be enthusiastic, confident, courteous, and honest while conveying your interest in the organization.  More importantly, show the passion you have for children and teaching.

13. Be Specific - Highlight your accomplishments in previous jobs.  Talk about any special events or mentoring opportunities that you have been a part of in the past.

14. Be Alert and Listen - Stay in the moment and listen closely to questions to make sure you are actually answering the questions that were asked.

15. Say Thank You - Make sure to thank the interviewer for their time and for the opportunity.  It is always best to follow up with a written Thank You note afterwards.

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