In the Classroom or At Home

What can I expect my child to be doing with HighReach Learning curriculum programs?

Experiences within the HighReach Learning curriculum cover all areas of learning, including language development, emerging literacy, math, science, creativity and the arts, social skills, physical development, reasoning, problem solving, and more. What you can expect . . .

In the Classroom

  • Teachers and children engaged in supportive and encouraging learning interactions.
  • Hands-on explorations that create new learning connections in language, math, science, social/emotional, and physical development.
  • Children investigating “Big Ideas” and actively seeking answers to their questions.
  • Rich conversations between teachers and children.
  • Intentional daily plans covering a wide range of standards-based objectives (Ask to see them!) that take your child’s interests and needs into account.
  • Opportunities to explore basic skills and concepts that are appropriate for your child’s specific developmental level and which will ensure school readiness.

At HomeBeing a parent teacher

All of our curriculum programs contain materials specifically designed to inform and involve you in the learning within your child’s classroom. For each topic of study, you will receive the following.
Childcare Network Parent Newsletter
The Family Newsletter provides a brief summary of the topic of study, information about the Family Poster, materials your teacher may need you to bring in, and books you can read with your child that are related to the monthly topic.

Reading to Your Child StorybookYour child will receive a copy of the same Storybook used by his or her teacher so your child can “read” it to you. Did you know reading and talking with your child for as little as five minutes a day greatly increases school success?

Day care daily routineTransform daily routines, such as mealtime and daily commutes, into playful learning moments! These simple games and conversation starters provide you with opportunities to make learning fun and easy!
Reflect & Connect (Curriculum for Threes and Pre-K)
Cuddle & Connect (Curriculum for Toddlers and Twos)

Family posterYour child will be thrilled to share his or her Family Poster with you! It’s a smaller version of what the teacher receives, further connecting you to your child’s classroom learning in supporting critical concepts.

Taking Education Home from SchoolDiscoveries-to-Go extends the learning at home! The fun learning experiences begin in the classroom, show you what your child is doing, and offer simple ideas you and your child may want to investigate together.


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