Bring Your Teddy Bear to Work and School Day!
Friday, October 12, 2018

Even teddy bears need to get out of the house sometimes. That’s why October 12th is Bring Your Teddy Bear to Work/School Day!

Today is the day to show your teddy bear everything you’ve been telling him about work and school, so he’ll finally believe you. “See, Teddy? Art is very messy. You can’t do it because you’ll mess up your fur.” And while art would be a challenge for Teddy, there are some things that are right up his alley. Naps. Nap time is where Teddy will really shine.

If you are a grown-up, and you bring Teddy to work, be sure to give him something to do other than nap at your desk! Teddy would be excellent at keeping co-workers chairs warm while they are out to lunch. Or if you think he’s up to it, hand him a task. Your taxes or a coloring page would suffice. You know, so he isn’t bored.

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