Ninja Day!!
Friday, December 7, 2018
Popular culture has given us some great modern day Ninjas to enjoy and admire—Ninja Red Riding Hood, American Ninja Warrior, the Lego cast of Ninjago— but the original Ninja martial arts masters were just as impressive. The ancient method of training focused on connecting your mind, body, and spirit to act as one.

Is it your child’s dream to be a ninja? Even if it’s not, you might want to consider enrolling them in a martial arts course.

Aside from the health and wellness benefit, bullies have been known to learn about control/discipline and not to “act out” since they now have a healthy outlet for their stress and anger issues which are being released in a structured environment.

Children who have been bullied also benefit tremendously after learning martial arts. Armed with a new found confidence, the former victim now feels emboldened and empowered.

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