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Crestview Child Care & Preschool Testimonials

Tracy Holstead
October 2018
I absolutely love this day care and as a mother of 3 in diapers (8 month old twins & an 18month Old) I also work full time so having a school I can rely on and trust means everything!! The Director Anthony is amazing he goes above and beyond to make sure I’m informed of school policies and up to date on everything because you all know there is a ton of paperwork when it come to enrollment and if you have more than one kid it’s double the fun!! I’ve def lost a form or 2 and they didn’t even say anything just kindly gave me another copy:) Anthony, Tracy and several of the teachers have even helped me walk my littles out to the car and load them in(this can be a circus with 3 car seats and one mom) All of my kids love the workers here and I truly feel they are genuinely good people who love to work with children. I mostly work out of Niceville and have considered moving to that area but I just can’t leave this school!!!!!

Pamela Logsdon
October 2018
Organization is the key in a daycare, and boy do they have it. The director is one of a kind. He is Very pleasant and understanding. This daycare is super clean and a safe place to place your child at. Five stars isn’t enough to rate this center. The holiday events are a great turnout as well!

TaNeal Walls
May 2018
My son, 23 months, has been going to Childcare Network since he was 6 weeks old. My trust lies in their hands and I've never been let down. The staff is professional and they don't hesitate to inform me about my sons wellbeing, whether it is a good or bad report, in a timely manner. This Childcare Network has strongly influenced me to stay in Crestview and not relocate as my son has thrived here since infancy!

Brittney Burger
April 2018
As many of you may know, The Burger Family will be moving to Okinawa, Japan due to
Military Orders. With that being said, this is a formal written notice of Carson and Brayden
Burger's last day with Childcare Network #268. 

I would like to take this opportunity to express how much this saddens me. As we are very
excited about this new adventure, we are also very heart-broken to be leaving our wonderful
childcare facility. Each and every one of you have become like family to not only my boys, but to my husband and I as well. You all have left a huge footprint in our hearts and minds about how our kids should be treated while in a childcare environment. I cannot speak highly enough about the staff that has been employed here. Through rain or shine, you have treated Carson and Brayden like they were your own. You have catered to their needs and made them feel so specialand loved. You should all be extremely proud of the phenomenal care that you provide.

"...The teaching profession contributes more to the future of our society than any other single profession." — John Wooden

Thank you for being a part of molding Carson and Brayden's mind, character, and personality. We will miss you all very much and promise to keep in touch.

Stephanie Boyd
August 2017
When this Childcare Network location opened a little over a year ago, it was a breath of fresh air for our family. See, we had just moved to the area, and we were being told that we were nearly the 60th family on other daycare waiting lists. Upon visiting this Childcare Network facility, I had witnessed a playground that had never had kids on it, classrooms with toys that had never been played with. It was a beautiful sight! Immediately, we paid our deposit, and the director worked with us (because we had a special case) and he ensured and guaranteed our spots would held. At the time, we had an infant and a 1 year old and availability with these age groups was difficult to come by. Also, I would like to add that we are a military family, and there is a program available that assists military families with childcare tuition in the scenario that our children would have to attend a daycare off-base. Again, the director Anthony McKinney, went above and beyond to send in all required documents to become an active provider that was qualified under this military subsidy program. I really cannot say enough good things about this place and the staff; I honestly have zero disappointments. My two children have since transitioned through the infant rooms, toddler rooms, and now I have a 3 year old who will soon be joining the VPK! All of the teachers, in each and every room, have been fabulous! (And I am VERY particular about who my kids receive care from.) Several days when I'm picking them up and walking down the hallway, other teachers will poke their heads out and say 'bye' to my children and calling them by name. These are teachers in the older classrooms where my children haven't quite made it to yet. This gives me even more sense of security knowing that all of the staff do their best in learning all of the children's names, regardless of whether they are one of their kids or not. Another plus is that formula and wipes are provided by the facility. I haven't seen this many other places. Some other things worth mentioning: they have water play outside every Friday during the summer, your family gets one free week of tuition every year, the hours are long which is super convenient 6am-6pm, they encourage potty-training, they're very clean and organized, did I mention the staff again is GREAT! We have had other unusual scenarios that have come up over the past year (I'll spare you the details since this post is already long), and as always, the director has been super accommodating! And, let me not forget to mention, I just had another baby 3 weeks ago who will be starting there very soon! Last, but not least, this post is concerning this location in specific. I have been to other Childcare Network locations and let's just say, they do not even compare. This one definitely deserves this 5 star rating! I hope this review has helped any readers!

Terri Goodson
August 2017
This is an enjoyable place for kids to play and make friends! I love the fact that it is so clean!!

Bridget Bishop
January 2017
Childcare network #268 in Crestview is doing a wonderful job with my almost three year old! She just started recently and she seems so happy there. The director and assistant director are understanding and caring . Her teachers are amazing with her! I love the updates every day and the fact they play with her and listen to her! She's always clean when I pick her up and they are loving to her and the other children! I will be keeping her here !!!

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