Amber Solnick
December 2018
As a parent, I entrust my greatest blessing to the staff at The ChildCare Network every day, and I am grateful for the loving care and guidance she receives. I love the smile on my daughter's face every morning when she sees that we are at her school. My daughter has been blessed with awesome teachers who understand her challenges, and handle her with grace and understanding.The teachers and directors look at each child as an individual, with their own strengths and needs. I love how they address these strengths and needs and keep me updated with my child's progress. My child has learned so much and continues to love to go to school everyday. Thank you to the ChildCare Network organization for an incredible early childhood curriculum that engages and teaches at all steps of the day. Also, a special thanks to Ms. Kersley and Ms. Allison and their staff as they share their heart with my daughter and all children through the amazing work that they do. I can leave the facility knowing that my greatest blessing will be loved and taken care of throughout the entire day. This makes my heart smile!

Lexis Howard
December 2018
Childcare Network has been an amazing experience. My daughter has been attending this childcare center for 3.5 years. She has learned so much and developed so many skills. I've always been very pleased with the teachers. I would definitely recommend Childcare Network in Swansboro to anyone looking for fantastic childcare.        

Leslie C. Wheeler
November 2018
Moving is stressful, but the ultimate stress of relocating is finding a good daycare. Before finding Childcare Network, we had tried another daycare in Jacksonville. After only a week we saw changes in our 2 year-old that scared us. Something was not right, He went from a happy, sweet boy to angry, scared little boy. We pulled him out immediately. It took another 3 months for us to find a daycare that I felt comfortable leaving our son at. Enter Childcare Network! I was very, very scared out son would have a fear of school now so I made it a point to explain his story to his future teacher and the director. They went above and beyond to make his transition as seamless as possible. I can't speak highly enough of the teachers at Childcare Network. Mind boggling enough each teacher knows almost every students name. We also have a 1 year-old who has flourished in the infant and now toddler room. I can't imagine our boys going anywhere other than Childcare Network.        

Dhakiyya Lewis
November 2018
Childcare Network 206 is the only school I trust to provide care for my children. My son started when the doors first opened and stayed until it was time for Kindergarten. My daughter was born the next year and there was no question where she would be enrolled. The qualiy of care provided at Childcare Network 206 is unmatched and genuine. From the teachers to the directors, the staff has never let us down. Ms. Hogges ensures we are all treated like family and if ever there is an issue, we can count on her to get it solved. If you are thinking of enrolling your children here, don't hesitate, you might miss out on an amazing opportunity. 

Alicia and Justin Marshall
October 2018
Every parent has their reservations and concerns with their first child going to daycare! We all had the same concerns until we walked in with our son and were greeted immediately by the Director. She quickly brought us in; asked what we were looking for and provided a tour. The teachers were genuine and caring. Needless to say our son Ethan LOVES not only his classroom teachers but every teacher at Childcare Network including the amazing Kitchen Staff as well! When we walk in, it's an amazing feeling to know that every staff member recognize our son and knows him by name! We would highly recommend Childcare Network.

We have had my grandson attend this location since the beginning of 2018. We selected this program to provide him with education and socialization programs that we couldn't provide through in-home caqre. As a former teacher, I was hoping to further develop his skills to prepare him for school in the years to come. We have not been disappointed and have been very happy with his care and development at this facility. He is greeted daily by all the teachers and administrators whcih gives him the comfort and confidence to attend another day at school.       

Whitney Bullin
October 2018
My family and I have been with Childcare Network since July of 2011. When I has my first daughter, I was extremely apprehensive about returning to work and leaving her with people that I did not know but that feeling did not last very long. All of the teachers and directors I have come in contact with over the past 7 years have treated my children as if they were their own. I don't consider them teachers, I consider them family. Anytime I have had an issue or concern, it was addressed immediately. Now, my youngest daughter attends Childcare Network and I am happy she gets to share the wonderful experiences her older sister got to be a part of, by being a member of the Childcare Network family.        

This place is nothing short of amazing. My son has been there for going on a year, and he has really blossomed. The teachers and directors there really care for your children. I even take my oldest there when he is out of school. My two year-old went from being shy and somewhat stubborn to sharing his toys and using his manners. The building is always clean and smells pleasant. My son thoroughly enjoys himself, and has not caught any germs or came home ill. I would highly recommend this place to all parents.

L. Yvette Munoz
May 2018
Hands down, the best! My daughter was diagnosed with social anxiety and selective mutism. I took a leap of faith and enrolled her at the Pooler location. Thanks to all the staff, especially Mrs. Diane, they have truly changed my daughter. Today, she enjoys school and is very happy. In addition to building her socio-emotional skills, she has learned so much. She enjoys and "teaches" me her newly acquired knowledge. Childcare Network in Pooler, GA is the greatest and best investment I have made for my daughter. I'm beyond happy with this facility. Thank you Childcare Network for treating us like family!

My son has been at Childcare Network since he was 6 weeks old. Transitioning to Ms. Laila's room has been so smooth. We didn't experience any separation anxiety and I appreciate the way in which the transition was done. He gradually spent more and more time in the classroom, which was helpful. I can tell Ms. Laila has a very special bond with her kids. Levi asks to see Mrs. Laila every morning on our way into daycare and that is comforting to know he has such a great relationship with her. Mrs. Laila has been great with his potty training and keeps up updated daily on his progress. I appreciate the attention she has given to him so his training is not disrupted. Mrs. Laila is very engaging and energetic with the children. You can tell they respect her and the kids are well cared for and loved. It is hard working full-time and leaving my babies, but the care both Levi and Mia receive puts my mind and heart at ease. I am grateful for everything Levi has learned in Mrs. Laila's care. My husband and I feel like he is getting a very fulfilling experience. He does very well with the routine Childcare Network has set daily and overall the center is always clean, safe, and inviting.

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