Stefanie Jeffreys
January 2018
As a first time parent, I was nervous and hesitant with my son starting daycare but it has been a great experience. Management has been so helpful when it comes to questions and concerns that I may have by responding immediately. Also, I love receiving emails about what's going on in school and keeping me updated on any illnesses in his class. My son's teachers are very informative about his day as well as giving this first time mom suggestions and resources! I know he feels sad when he is away from me during the day and I feel blessed to have any awesome team in and outside of the class working for me.

My 1 year old and 4 year old both attend Childcare Network #207. Walking into the building gets them excited. It also gets me excited and makes me want to stay and go to school too! The doors are always decorated and my kids love seeing their pictures on the door. They are always greeted by each staff who sees them with so much enthusiasm. I LOVE CHILDCARE NETWORK!!

Jennifer Borchardt
March 2018
We absolutely love Childcare Network! My girls are in Ms. Ashley's class and they adore her, along with all of their teachers. The staff are always so friendly and Kristi and Maria are amazing! My girls are learning so much everyday and I am always so informed! They also go to dance class every Friday right at their school! I love that as a parent! I would high recommend Childcare Network to everyone. 

Samantha Elliott
March 2018
Childcare Network #308 is absolutely amazing! My oldest daughter started here at 6 months old and my youngest daughter started when she was 1. I could not ask for a better school, teachers, or environment. I would be so lost without this school. When I drop my babies off I know that they are in good hands and loved by everyone. Dropping your children off with strangers is a scary thought but this school has never been strangers to my family. They have treated us like they have known us all their lives. The staff here really care about the kids educations and well-being. I would never call this a daycare! This a school, a learning facility, a safe environment. My kids come home every day learning something new and excited about their day. I have been to other daycares where the education means nothing to the teachers. At Childcare Network education means everything. The fear of leaving my kids while I provide a better future for them never crosses my mind. I highly recommend this place for anyone seeking childcare.                

Brittany Avila
March 2018
Childcare Network in Navarre is fantastic! They are so great with my son and give him one-on-one attention which is hard with other one year olds around. They teach him new things everyday and it's amazing to see how much he learns. Everyone who works there is so kind and engaging. They keep me up to date on everything going on in my son's day, not to mention the mobile app where I can check in on him throughout the day to see what he's learned and view pictures. I high recommend Childcare Network!

Angie Chambers
April 2018
We have been at CNI #186 for a couple years now. The staff is great with our kids and with us. I feel like everyone working there knows who are kids are and are greeted by them daily. The teachers love on our kids even when they are no longer in their class. There is a good combination of learning time and playtime. The hours of operation are very accommodating. CNI truly is a “working parent’s best friend”.

Brittney Burger
April 2018
As many of you may know, The Burger Family will be moving to Okinawa, Japan due to
Military Orders. With that being said, this is a formal written notice of Carson and Brayden
Burger's last day with Childcare Network #268. 

I would like to take this opportunity to express how much this saddens me. As we are very
excited about this new adventure, we are also very heart-broken to be leaving our wonderful
childcare facility. Each and every one of you have become like family to not only my boys, but to my husband and I as well. You all have left a huge footprint in our hearts and minds about how our kids should be treated while in a childcare environment. I cannot speak highly enough about the staff that has been employed here. Through rain or shine, you have treated Carson and Brayden like they were your own. You have catered to their needs and made them feel so specialand loved. You should all be extremely proud of the phenomenal care that you provide.

"...The teaching profession contributes more to the future of our society than any other single profession." — John Wooden

Thank you for being a part of molding Carson and Brayden's mind, character, and personality. We will miss you all very much and promise to keep in touch.

L. Yvette Munoz
May 2018
Hands down, the best! My daughter was diagnosed with social anxiety and selective mutism. I took a leap of faith and enrolled her at the Pooler location. Thanks to all the staff, especially Mrs. Diane, they have truly changed my daughter. Today, she enjoys school and is very happy. In addition to building her socio-emotional skills, she has learned so much. She enjoys and "teaches" me her newly acquired knowledge. Childcare Network in Pooler, GA is the greatest and best investment I have made for my daughter. I'm beyond happy with this facility. Thank you Childcare Network for treating us like family!

Childcare Network has been a saving grace in my family's daycare experience. All of the staff are very personable and seem happy to be there. My son, who has been on the wait list for this center for over a year, transitioned into the Toddler classroom seamlessly. Ms. Lila, the lead of his classroom, made him feel comfortable and me feel confident with leaving him there within days of him starting at Childcare Network. Ms. Lila always has a detailed update of my son's day, which always includes progress in his development in some way. Thanks to the help of Ms. Lila, my son who started the potty training a year ago, was fully potty trained in two weeks. Her classroom as well as the center is always clean, my son is rarely sick and he is always happy. I couldn't ask for much more from a child care center!

My son has been at Childcare Network since he was 6 weeks old. Transitioning to Ms. Laila's room has been so smooth. We didn't experience any separation anxiety and I appreciate the way in which the transition was done. He gradually spent more and more time in the classroom, which was helpful. I can tell Ms. Laila has a very special bond with her kids. Levi asks to see Mrs. Laila every morning on our way into daycare and that is comforting to know he has such a great relationship with her. Mrs. Laila has been great with his potty training and keeps up updated daily on his progress. I appreciate the attention she has given to him so his training is not disrupted. Mrs. Laila is very engaging and energetic with the children. You can tell they respect her and the kids are well cared for and loved. It is hard working full-time and leaving my babies, but the care both Levi and Mia receive puts my mind and heart at ease. I am grateful for everything Levi has learned in Mrs. Laila's care. My husband and I feel like he is getting a very fulfilling experience. He does very well with the routine Childcare Network has set daily and overall the center is always clean, safe, and inviting.

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