Childcare Network #237

5121 Mackay Road
Jamestown, NC 27282

Monday - Friday
6:30am - 6:00pm
6 weeks - 12 years
Call or Text Us 336-854-1888

Jamestown Child Care & Preschool Testimonials

Karol Simms
October 2018
We have had my grandson attend this location since the beginning of 2018. We selected this program to provide him with education and socialization programs that we couldn't provide through in-home caqre. As a former teacher, I was hoping to further develop his skills to prepare him for school in the years to come. We have not been disappointed and have been very happy with his care and development at this facility. He is greeted daily by all the teachers and administrators whcih gives him the comfort and confidence to attend another day at school.       

Maria Mayaga
October 2018
Childcare Network on Mackay Rd is an exceptional and caring childcare service provider. My 2 year-old son has grown and developed into an amazing toddler, thanks to the education and guidance of Childcare Network's teachers.        

Amy Varner
October 2018
My son Nicholas has attended this daycarfe since he was 8 weeks old. The teachers in the infant room were exceptionally good with him. I knew he was taken care of. Then the care continued throughout the next classes and he is almost 4 now. The staff has been helpful and loving with us and Nicholas. Nicholas likes it here and has many friends. 

Dana C.
April 2017
My first child went here for over 2.5 years and my second child has been at Childcare Network since she was born. The teachers and directors are so caring and dedicated, I can't imagine what I would do without them. Leaving your children with someone is a huge responsibility, and these teachers don't take it lightly. I know that they care for my children and take the very best care of them during the day.

Annie Ireland
March 2017
My child has been attending Childcare Network #237 for six months and I have seen much growth. She has really adjusted well to her teachers and talks about her friends and the fun things she does in class. The environment is very friendly and welcoming.

Patricia Turner
February 2017
I have had the absolute best experience with this Childcare Network location. I enrolled my daughter at the beginning of the year after her being placed in a home based daycare for 2 years prior. My daughter is 4 years old and since she has been at this location she has flourished! I've noticed how she gets along better with other children. She's made so many new friends! She tells me everyday how she absolutely loves her teachers. She also makes sure that she gives the director and assistant director a hug before leaving each day ??. The staff was so inviting her 1st day and everyday at the center for that matter. I highly recommend anyone that is looking for childcare to give this Childcare Network location a try! You will not be disappointed!

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