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Lewisville Child Care & Preschool Testimonials

Alicia and Justin Marshall
October 2018
Every parent has their reservations and concerns with their first child going to daycare! We all had the same concerns until we walked in with our son and were greeted immediately by the Director. She quickly brought us in; asked what we were looking for and provided a tour. The teachers were genuine and caring. Needless to say our son Ethan LOVES not only his classroom teachers but every teacher at Childcare Network including the amazing Kitchen Staff as well! When we walk in, it's an amazing feeling to know that every staff member recognize our son and knows him by name! We would highly recommend Childcare Network.

Heather Jones
October 2018
My son started at the Childcare Network just 7 months ago and I can already tell a world of change in him. Starting out, I thought he may need speech therapy but after a week or two at Daycare "school" he was talking more and even singing. He has shown interest in music and plays well with others in class. He has grown very attached to his teachers, even giving hugs within the first week; which I thought would've taken at least a month. All my worries about him growing into a sweet intelligent little boy are put to rest when I drop him off. And every mother will say their child special, and they are, but even the teachers and staff say his smile lights up the room. I think they have helping him in so many ways! Thank you to all the teachers and staff at Childcare Network #164.

DAndrea France
October 2018
I truly enjoy taking my son to Childcare Network. Being a new mom, they have made it an easy transition for me to go back to work. The Infant teachers are loving and caring, my son really enjoys his class. I recieve pictures and videos from the CNI Cares App, that helps me be a part of his day even when I'm not there. I enjoy the smile he has when his teacher, Ms. Tish, starts talking to him. I am truly thankful to all of the friendly and hardworking staff at Childcare Network and would recommend this center to everyone.        

Kate White
February 2018
My daughter started in the baby room at Childcare Network 164 when I went back to work full-time. Ms. Jasmine, Ms. Sharon, Ms. Kenleigh, Ms. Kimberly and all of the teachers she has had since then have been great! Ms. Jasmine in the baby room went above and beyond to communicate when my daughter needed something (different cream) or to let me know if my daughter didn't seem herself one day. You can tell the teachers truly care about the children's well being and always listen to any special requests. All of the administration staff are responsive to questions and very involved in the center. The app that Childcare Network uses (Kid Reports) has been very helpful to get updates throughout the day on eating, naps, etc. They also can send pictures through the app which is always a nice surprise!

Chelsea Newman
February 2018
We’ve been going for over a year now (since baby was 8 weeks old) and I’ve never worried about him while I was working. Miss Jasmine, Miss Sharon, Miss Kenleigh and the other baby teachers are absolutely amazing!! They treat the babies like their own and totally put you at ease! They take time to speak with you at drop off and pick up, and it’s great to be able to see what they do throughout the day in the app.

Natalie Poupore
February 2018
We took both of our children to this daycare and had a wonderful experience with both! We currently have our younger child in the infant classroom, and all of the teachers (Ms. Sharon, Ms. Jasmine, Miss Kenleigh, Ms. Kimberly) are awesome! They bond well with the children, communicate well with the parents, and genuinely care for the kids. The leadership team is great as well; any free moment they get they are in the rooms with the kids. I’m so glad we were able to take both of our children to this daycare!

Annah Moody
September 2017
My 2 year old has great teachers and staff that work with him through learning and play. They are open with communication, and work with parents with anything they may need too.

Evenija Kjuka
August 2017
My very social twin toddlers are very happy at this place. Before we came here, they were attending another brand new, 5-star, outrageously expensive daycare for 10 months and in all that time did not form a bond with any teacher, were constantly dehydrated, crying when dropped off, crying when picked up, and bitten almost every single day. When I chose Childcare Network #164, I wasn't expecting much because at that point anything was better than where they were. To my surprise, they clicked with this place right away. They know and love their teachers, run to give them a hug every morning, and when we pick them up they are all smiles. Both, they and I as a parent are warmly greeted every morning. Teachers take time to talk to you about concerns and I really feel that my kids are in safe hands. I have seen the childcare director in numerous occasions among the children, changing diapers or just giving a hand. That alone makes me feel good. My girls have been here for 3 months now, and we are all comfortable and pleased. They have learned a lot. These people actually APPLY the curriculum, it's not just something that they advertise. That said, I have to admit that I have seen some negative reviews about this particular daycare pertaining to the baby/infant room. Being the unbiased person that I am, I have to admit that I have heard screaming infants (or babies) in passing almost every day. It actually looks like there is maybe one or two children that cry their hearts out, and as a parent, it bothers me that they are not comforted and just left to cry. If it was my child and I was aware of it, I'd be very unhappy and would raise some stink about it. However, not knowing the circumstances, this is just an observation and I won't cloud my personal satisfaction with it. For my kids, the place is great and I hope all teachers that they will have as they change groups will be as fabulous as Ms. Melissa and Ms. Hanna.

Jana Sorrell
January 2017
We have been very happy with all of the staff and cleanliness of the facility. It is very obvious the employees have their hearts in this place. Nothing like peace of mind for childcare!

Erin Pickard
January 2017
My three year old had been attending Childcare Network #164 since she was one. She loves it and so do we! The teachers are wonderful and treat her like she's their own. She's learned SO much and she's excited every day while she tells us about her day. It's a wonderful feeling knowing that your child is safe, loved, and learning every single day she's at daycare.

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