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4202 Wilshire Boulevard
Wilmington, NC 28403

Monday - Friday
6:30 am - 6:00 pm
6 weeks - 12 years
Call or Text Us 910-791-2080

About our Child Care & Preschool Center in Wilmington

Hello and thank you for your interest in Pax Natura Academy at Childcare Network. We are a premier preschool in Wilmington, NC and strive to bring our families and community together. My name is Jill Blondell, the school director. At Pax Natura Academy we teach our children to be eco-conscious by helping them embark on a love for gardening and getting back to nature through natural play. We teach diversity and empathy in our classrooms and reinforce these ideas about our community. We share with our children and families the need for healthy eating habits by using fresh locally grown produce and physical activity. Our natural playgrounds and gardens are beautiful and full of opportunity for the children to learn. 

It is important for us to participate in many community events developing an awareness of community, diversity, and leadership in our children. Our wonderful staff works hard each day to instill an eagerness for learning all of these concepts in each child. 

Kindergarten Prep Academy is our structured pre Kindergarten program that prepares 4 and 5 year olds for using “The High Reach Learning” curriculum. This preschool curriculum brings out the wonder in a child’s mind by connecting play, imagination, and learning to their world. This program challenges children to use their senses, ask questions, and find the answers in a supportive, language- and literacy-rich environment. We offer this program year round with a Summer Readiness program that keeps children learning and prepared for Kindergarten.  We have many family celebration opportunities and offer yoga classes and dance classes with “Little People’s Creative Workshop,” physical education with “Grow to Health” and music with Mr. Mark.

During our full day Adventure Summer Camp, our children participate in fun learning adventures.  Our campers participate in Cooking Club, Art Club, and 4H Club. Campers will also visit the serpentarium, enjoy bowling to encourage positive sportsmanship, visit the fire department to learn about fire safety and visit Fort Fisher to learn about our coastal ecosystems.

Visitors are invited to the school to help educate the children, including Andy from Fort Fisher Aquarium and 5 Star Petting Zoo.  Let’s not forget about our onsite water slide.  The children and staff love this part of our playground.  You can see pictures in our web gallery album of them enjoying the opening of it. 

We would love to have you as a part of our Pax Natura Academy Family. Please call to schedule a tour or come visit our school on Wilshire Boulevard. We look forward to meeting you and your family soon!

Wilmington Amenities
  • Bright Babies Infant Curriculum
  • HighReach Learning Curriculum
  • Young Achievers Club for School Age
  • Adventure Summer Camp for School Age
  • USDA Approved Free meals & Snacks
  • NC PreK
  • School recycling program
  • Monthly community support programs
  • Growing Up in the Garden
  • Mr. Marks Music Class
  • Waterslide
  • Soccer Shots
  • Mini-Monets Art Program
  • Little Peoples Creative World Dance Classes
  • Nature Classes

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  • Alderman Elementary School
  • Winter Park Elementary School
  • Pine Valley Elementary School
  • Forrest Hills Elementary School
  • Bradley Creek Elementary School
  • College Park Elementary School
  • Holly Tree Elementary School
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