Episode #006-

Welcome to Bonnerville, inspiring teacher featured on "Ellen"

I wish I could go back to second grade, so Mr. Bonner could be my teacher," were the words Ellen Degeneres released on her social media accounts in early January 2017. Bonner is consistently seen as a visionary leader who strives to create a positive mindset among all of his students. He understands that his students come to class each day with diverse backgrounds, strengths, needs, and challenges, and seeks to identify strategies to ensure the growth of their social, emotional, academic, and psychological needs. Because of his approach to education, students leave feeling a little more hopeful, challenged, inspired, and forever a part of Bonnerville!

Episode #005-

With Special Guest Crestina Tetenko, EC in Arkansas

In the latest episode of "It’s Always Sunny in Early Childhood" podcast, we meet Crestina, one of our fantastic educators at Childcare Network. Crestina tells us about her philosophy for working with children AND her fellow teachers: it’s all about the love!

Episode #004-

With Special Guest Jescina Pope, KPA teacher in Raleigh

Ms. Jescina has been working with children since 1984 and as she says that she did not choose her career, her career chose her. Curriculum comes alive in Ms. Jescina's classroom. From learning about food to incredible classroom management, Ms. Jescina keeps every moment in her class high-energy and interactive. By getting excited over every accomplishment and special moment, Ms. Jescina gets children involved at all times during the day. Listen to this episode of It’s Always Sunny in Early Childhood to learn how Ms. Jescina sets the tone for a great day, every day.

Episode #001-

Jarred Geller —

March 25 2018

Jarred spends time with Enrique Feldman. Enrique is an Artist, Educator and Entrepreneur with a global influence. He is the founder of the Global Learning Foundation, the author of the adult book “Living Like a Child”, co-author of the children series Sam the Ant™, also used metaphorically for his adult leadership development, the inventor of iBG™ (Intellectual Brainwave Games), the co-creator of the touring theatrical show, The Inner Journey, and is a two-time Grammy nominated performing artist and composer. Read More...

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