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Childcare Network prekindergarten programs aim to prepare young children to be “ready to learn” when they enter kindergarten. Research in brain development shows that early learning experiences directly influence a child’s ability to succeed in school, and children who participate in quality prekindergarten programs are more likely to show strengths in language, reasoning, problem solving, social skills, behavior and emotional health. We utilize a comprehensive curriculum that is flexible, engaging, and fun for children.  Our Pre-K programs provide standards-based classroom support materials, family connection compo­nents, and easy-to-understand strategies for putting it all together and achieving school readiness.

Kindergarten Prep Academy at Childcare Network

Kindergarten Prep Academy at Childcare Network is a premiere prekindergarten program for children ages 4-5 who will be starting Kindergarten the following school year. We operate our KPA classrooms on a full day, full year schedule, with our KPA curriculum programming focused during the “typical” school day hours of 9-4 to prepare children for the routine of Kindergarten.

Children are provided with breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack to keep their minds active while they are enjoy exploring and learning in their classroom.  They are encouraged to explore centers throughout the classroom, engage in activities that interest them, and build their social skills with other children in their class.  Math, literacy, science, and communication skills are practiced every day in our KPA classrooms. Our teachers assess each child’s development throughout the year, to help guide planning, teaching, and partnerships with parents.

Our KPA children are invited to attend both before and after the KPA school day to share many other exciting, educational, and fun activities with their peers both in the classroom and outdoors. The learning never stops!

Summer Learning Continuation

Throughout the summer our Pre-K students will participate in our Skill Building School Readiness (SBSR) program, designed to enhance four and five-year-olds’ skills and build on their strengths to prepare them for their upcoming year in Kindergarten. Our SBSR program focuses on both small group and individual activities, attention to developmental goals, hands-on engaging experiences, and fun ideas to continue the learning at home! 

Children will:

• Show progress with understanding and following multiple directions.

• Identify at least 10 letters of the alphabet, especially those in their own name.

• Develop growing abilities to collect, describe, and record information through a variety of means, including discussion, drawings, maps, and charts.

Our goal is to provide a supportive program that allows children to build confidence, self-esteem, and self-awareness while attaining the regulation they need to transition to the school setting. Along with listening skills, teamwork, following directions, and communicating thoughts and ideas, children will work towards the ultimate goal of SBSR: believing that learning, playing, and growing is FUN! View our video below to learn about more of the benefits this program has to offer.

Free Pre-K Programs at Childcare Network

Some of our schools in Georgia, Florida, and North Carolina offer state-sponsored prekindergarten programs for children that are four years of age by the required deadline, as determined by each state. To participate in these programs, providers must meet rigorous standards that include teacher credentials, classroom standards, curriculum requirements, and much more. In order to participate in these programs, your family must meet the state eligibility requirements and follow a detailed application process. Demand for these programs sometimes exceeds the available classroom space, so parents are encouraged to enroll early to secure their slot for the upcoming academic year.

Childcare Network is proud to be able to offer these programs to our parents in some of our schools. To learn more about the program in your state, choose an option below or search for a school near you here.

Georgia Free Pre-K Program (GA PREK)

Florida Voluntary Pre-K Program (VPK)

North Carolina’s Free Pre-K Program (NC PREK)



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