Kindergarten kids

Kindergarten Kid

We are proud to introduce our Kindergarten Prep Academy at Childcare Network for children ages 4-5 who will be starting Kindergarten the following school year. We operate all of our classrooms on a full day, full year schedule, with our KPA curriculum programming focused during the “typical” school day hours of 9-4. All of our children are invited to attend both before and after the KPA school day, to share many other exciting, educational, and fun activities with their peers both in the classroom and outdoors. The learning never stops!

Kindergarten Prep Academy Curriculum


KindergartenChildcare Network has developed a curriculum based approach to Kindergarten prep that begins a continuum of learning from the important Pre-K years through the primary grades. We utilize a comprehensive curriculum that is flexible and fun for children. The HighReach Learning curriculum provides a unique balance of standards-based classroom support materials, family connection compo­nents, and easy-to-understand strategies for putting it all together. Best of all, your child’s development will be assessed throughout the year, to help guide the planning, the teaching, and the work done at home.


The KPA program is offered in the following states: TN, AL, AR, TX, OK, VA, SC, and NC. We also offer Free State Sponsored PreK programs in NC, GA, and FL. For  more information about the state sponsored PreK programs, click on this link.

From Chung, four year old teacher…

“I love the mornings in my four year old room. We begin by singing, saying hello to each other and wishing each other a wonderful day. Then, one by one, the children take charge – classroom helpers take attendance, investigate the weather, and choose our story for the day. Another child guides her friends in stretching exercises, motivating them with comments like, “You can do it!” and “You are the best!” Then they choose a center and walk away, sometimes hand in hand, to learn something new together. As I watch them lead and inspire each other, I can imagine them later in school and later in life. As we prepare our four year olds for kindergarten, we prepare them to become citizens of their community and citizens of the world. It is bittersweet, really. In the same breath, we have to hug them tight and let them grow. It’s all in a day in a Childcare Network four year old room.”


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