Our After School Program for Young Achievers gives your child an opportunity to explore, discover, and achieve their greatest potential! Students have the freedom to make choices about the activities they engage in, whether it’s dramatic arts, construction, music, science discovery, creative expression, reading, homework, problem solving and games, or just relaxing, your Young Achiever will have the chance to explore one of their interests and talents in depth.

Social-Emotional Learning

Young children develop social-emotional skills through their interactions and relationships with their families, teachers, and friends. Children who experience warm, positive, trusting, and responsive relationships are better able to recognize and manage their feelings while dealing with the daily challenges of life. This is accomplished by strengthening the relationship through play, listening, respect, and caring. Childcare Network teachers encourage positive relationships among the group during daily activities and provide opportunities for the children to play together to support their relationship building and social-emotional growth.


We know that safety is always a concern when it comes to your child. Rest assured your child is always safe at Childcare Network. We go above and beyond to verify our teachers’ qualifications and experience. From criminal background checks to reference checks, we are confident we’ve selected the very best early childhood professionals our field has to offer. Our buildings are secure with both keypads and check-in/check-out procedures. And our classrooms utilize safe practices to help ensure the welfare of students.


As a working parent, we know work doesn’t always stop when the school day does. For the convenience of parents, we provide safe transportation to and from local schools. Our focus on safety with the children also extends into our transportation policies. Every Childcare Network driver completes a comprehensive driver training program before transporting the children to and from school. Each bus is equipped with child scan technology, which ensures that all children properly exit the bus.

Flexible Care

Whether it’s regular after-school or drop-in care, as the working parent’s best friend, we are here to support you when you need us. We provide a full day of fun activities on teacher workdays, school holidays and vacations. During the summer break, we also offer Adventure Summer Camp (backlink to summer camp program page) for both traditional and year-round tracks.

Supporting Distance Learning

Childcare Network is making a concerted effort to counterbalance local school schedules due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With this in mind, we're committed to accommodating shifting school schedules and we are now offering a safe, distance learning environment to complete their virtual work in.

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