Adventure Summer Camp at Childcare Network

Childcare Network's Adventure Summer Camp is designed with fun and educational activities that will keep your child learning, exploring, and physically active during the summer months. Our STEAM-focused curriculum incorporates Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics, and is designed to inspire curiosity and creative problem-solving.

Designed to provide a fun and exciting environment - while continuing to help them explore and discover the world around them - our kid's day camp provides your child the opportunity to participate in different weekly themes chock-full of engaging activities, and creative projects they get to do with their friends.

This summer, our theme is Adventure Summer Camp: To the Extreme!

Hurry... summer camp spots are filling up fast!

Art is all around! Find it, explore it, create it...TO THE EXTREME! This week summer campers will be learning about famous artists such as Vincent van Gogh, Michelangelo, and Jackson Pollock. In addition to learning about these artists, we're going to be practicing some of their techniques like splatter painting! We're also going to be creating more than just our own art, students will learn how to make their own paint and crayons as well!

This week we'll go somewhere we've never been before! Exploring all things around us, there are certain to be EXTREME discoveries for everyone. The world opens up to endless possibilities as children explore through scientific investigations, art processes, and physical activities.

EWWW! How gross can we get??? Challenge accepted! Snot, germs, slime, and icky with “Gross to the Extreme!” During this week, campers won't know what kind of challenge they will be asked to complete! Will they be creepy? Will they be messy? This week will combine science and senses in a spectacular way Adventure Summer Campers will not forget.

Make the world a better place, one day at a time this week. Our extreme makeovers start with imagination and creativity. Combine that with problem-solving and executing a plan, and campers are sure to see outstanding results. A makeover to the extreme is guaranteed to be outstanding fun!

Every one of us shines like a diamond, with gifts and talents, smarts and hearts! Spend this week finding all the ways that you are special, unique, and EXTREMELY important. During this exploration, Adventure Summer Campers will get to know themselves and their friends better and celebrate the many amazing traits they share. Every day—- as campers discover “Me to the Extreme” — teamwork will show that we are all in this together!

Life can be a mystery sometimes. This week is filled with EXTREME investigations; which clue will we find first?

Adventure Summer Campers might think of Abe Lincoln's face or The Grand Canyon or an awesome ancient pyramid when they think of rocks, but by the end of this week “rockin’ out” will take on a whole new meaning. Rock forms our magnificent mountains, shapes the deepest oceans, and safely separates us from the boiling magma beneath our feet! And there is rock music, space rocks, pop-rock's going to be an EXTREME good time, for sure. We will, we will, ROCK YOU! ROCK YOU!

Sky diving, rock climbing, bull riding: these are some EXTREME sports! By land, by sea, by air - we will be adventurous and take some risks. Children will be on the move all week long, learning more about our favorite athletic endeavors and exploring some sports and games that are brand new, too. And while everyone likes winning and wants to be on the winning team, our campers will learn important ways to be a team player, training and practicing and working together.

How does the world of technology affect us? The good, the bad, the EXTREME: learn about it all this week! Our kiddos won't be kids forever. When they decide on careers, they'll have to compete in an arena with other young adults who are tech-savvy. Understanding how to use emerging technologies is a key advantage in life! The more comfortable kids are with technology today, the better equipped they'll be to function in the world of tomorrow.

Ever wonder what life was like long ago? Like when parents were kids? A lot happened during this era, from innovations to day-to-day life, we're going to step into the future for EXTREME fashion, food, and more.

We're going to see all your city has to offer — on the road and off the beaten path — and uncover EXTREME urban adventures around every corner. We'll be exploring our communities with an entirely new perspective from learning about cityscapes and creating your own city, to essentials like reading a map, this is sure to be an exciting adventure! 

Fast and furious fun combined with slow and steady surprises equals EXTREME VELOCITY! During this week of speed we'll be learning about the scientific concepts of speed and velocity, discover how they affect us and the world around us, and how to engineer items using these forces.


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