Childcare Network's Camp Curiosity: Adventure Summer Camp combines fun and educational activities to keep your child learning, exploring, and physically active throughout their summer break.

Where Education Meets Exploration

Designed to provide fun and interactive learning experiences— while continuing to help campers explore and discover the world around them — our full-day kid's camp provides your child the opportunity to participate in 13 different weekly themes full of engaging activities, educational field trips, and creative projects they get to do with their friends.

Our language, literacy, science, and math-focused curriculum incorporates Project Based Learning that takes a learning-by-doing approach that encourages adaptability, problem-solving, teamwork, and communication skills. In addition, our curriculum emphasizes mindfulness and character development to provide children with tools to build self-esteem, manage stress, and confidently approach challenges.

During Camp Curiosity, summer campers will:

        • Make new discoveries through observation and experimentation
        • Use science and math to solve problems
        • Express themselves through creative projects
        • Relax through play and outdoor games

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Join us in exploring the wonderful world of zoos! Campers will come away with answers to questions like, what is a zookeeper's day like? How are animals trained? How do zoos meet the needs of the animals in their care? From building their own classroom zoo to creating zookeeper handbooks, this week will be “roaring” fun as we investigate the wild wonders of the zoo!

Campers will have a “splashing” good time while learning about the importance of water conservation this week! During a fun-filled week of water-related learning, games, and experiments, children will learn about the water cycle, how much water is on Earth, and how we all use water in our daily lives. Through interactive lessons and hands-on experiences, they will discover the importance of preserving our precious resources and become little conservationists!

Blast Off on an unforgettable journey beyond the stars!. Campers will learn about life in space, participate in experiments about spacesuit repair, and even undergo astronaut training to prepare for their own space mission. They will also have the chance to get creative with space-themed crafts, play games that are out of this world, and even take a virtual tour of the International Space Station!

¡Bienvenidos niños y niñas! This week, campers will embark on an exciting adventure by exploring the vibrant cultures of Latin countries. Children will have the opportunity to build their own piñata, Latin American musical instrument, and create sand paintings, while also exploring traditional food, games, and traditions. They will also have the chance to learn about the diverse music and dance styles from Latin America, and even create their own Carnival mask!

Set sail on a journey of discovery and learning about cruise ships! Campers will learn about life at sea, build their own cruise ship models, role-play as the different crew members they learn about, and even learn the art of towel origami, like they would find on real cruise ships. From designing the cabins to planning the menus, your child will get a taste of what it takes to make a successful voyage on board a cruise ship.

Say cheese! This week campers will investigate cameras, different types of shots, and how to take the best pictures. They will work together to design a creative backdrop, take pictures of their environment, and create a scrapbook to document their memories from this week!

This week campers will become expert entomologists and discover the mystifying world of insects! Children will create their own bug observatory and homemade magnifying glass to observe these fascinating creatures up close. They will also create their very own “bug book” filled with fascinating facts and pictures of their favorite insects — all while learning about the different adaptations that help bugs survive in their environments and discover the fascinating ways insects have evolved over time.

Take a walk with us through the garden and investigate a world where art and nature merge. Campers will examine the natural environment around them, and use their creative artistry to paint landscapes, both real and imaginary. Join us as we explore the world around us and enjoy some fun in the sun outdoors during Art and Nature week!

Order up! This week, campers will explore the different tasks that go into owning and making restaurant function. Children will have the opportunity to design their own restaurant—down to the chairs. In addition to creating the menu, campers will even try their hand in the “kitchen” by making their own food. Join us as we investigate all the work and fun that happens in a restaurant!

Earth is a big place so join us as we take off on an exploration around the world! Children will investigate everything from countries and cities to oceans, forests, and deserts, as well as the animals that inhabit them. This week, campers will work together to explore our world in different ways through maps and globes!

The human body is what makes up you! This week we’re going to investigate how incredible (and kind of gross at times) our insides are. Campers will learn all about what makes our bodies work, from the bones to the blood and muscles; they will discover how blood pumps, muscles move, and even how wounds are wrapped!

Ready, set — time to show off your talent! Campers will use their mental and physical strengths throughout the week in preparation to show off their skills! As they prepare, campers will learn about famous talent shows, dancers, singers, and even magicians they’ve seen on TV!

Campers will learn about consumer goods from their beginning stage at farms and factories to their destinations in our homes. Children will learn all about what types of goods are manufactured in their local communities as well as where their favorite clothes, foods, and toys come from!


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