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As a parent, choosing the right summer camp for your child can be a daunting decision. It's never too early to start thinking about what activities and learning experiences you want your school-ager have over the summer break. 

Sure, you want them to have fun. Kids need a break from the rigorous requirements of the modern-day school system, but at Childcare Network learning is disguised as fun! Camp activities for kids will vary over the course of the summer months, but we know we’ve got something on our summer camp line up that’s going to excite the soon-to-be CNI summer camper in your home!

Designed to provide a fun and exciting environment — while continuing to help them explore and discover the world around them — our kid's day camp provides your child the opportunity to participate in different weekly themes chock-full of engaging activities, educational field trips, and creative projects they get to do with their friends. 

Our trained teachers might just enjoy summertime as much as our campers.

Childcare Network’s Adventure Summer Camp 2018: Channel the Fun is designed to highlight all of the entertainment (edutainment?) possibilities that summer break has to offer. Check out this year’s themes and then search for the closest summer camp program near you.

Themed Summer Camp Curriculum

This summer, we’ll offer 12 unique weekly programs.

Ocean Explorers—Exploring the depths of the sea has never been so much fun! This week we'll learn about ocean adventurers, exotic inhabitants of the seas, science and submersibles— even drones. What's the deadliest catch in the ocean? We'll find out for sure! 

Design Time— If you can dream it, you can design it! From the evolution of the Ironman Suit to the fashion of the future, we will learn about textile, construction, production and more. See you on the runway!

Top Talent— We are on the lookout for kids with talent! Come show us your stuff during a week of exploration and discovery with the talent scouts at Adventure Summer Camp.

Nature Scapes— The outdoors can be an awesome place to live and to learn! During this week of exploring nature in new ways, campers will discover natural dwellings, design treehouses, plant unique and unusual gardens, and study "dangerous" plants. AWESOME! 

SING!—Is there a future star in your family? Come test out your performance skills — singing, acting, comedy and more —during a week of fun with good friends. 

Biz Kids—Combining education and entrepreneurship, kids will learn about the ins and outs of running a business — from concept to closing signs. Campers will brainstorm, budget, buy and sell and hopefully "make a bundle" this week! Any sharks out there?  

Career Clues—Given any thought to your future career? Go undercover and discover a world of possibilities for your future profession! Doctor, chef, mechanic, the world is at your feet. Dream it, achieve it!  

Debunked—Ever wonder if science actually is fact? Or fiction? Bust the myths while you enjoy getting hands-on with this week’s science experiments and activities. Bring your lab coat because it's going to get messy!  

Inventor’s Workshop—Ever wonder how today's technology works? Where do the inventor's ideas come from? During this week, campers will study modern marvels and fascinating innovations and be inspired to create something of their own! 

The World Awaits—Come aboard and go exploring during a week-long amazing race! Get introduced to other cultures and traditions from around the world to gain and understand that our world is more similar than different. 

Sports Unlimited—There's a lot more to sports than we see on TV! All over the wide, wide world, children play sports to have fun, stay fit, and celebrate their culture. Are you ready to join the team at Adventure Summer Camp? Because we are ready to play! 

Challenge!—Can you survive Challenge! week? Come put your thinking caps on for a week of challenging activities and fun adventures with good friends.

Come See Us Today!

We know, we’ve done such a great job explaining summer camp online that you might feel you don’t even need to come in and ask any other questions. But each Childcare Network school in America will plan their summer schedule around the available field trip opportunities in your local area. You’ll need to Schedule a Tour so you can ask your school’s director for a local weekly listing of themes!

Plus, we’re pretty sure you’ll want to know how much summer camp costs. Is summer camp free? No, but with so many locations nationwide and varying price schedules across different states, you’ll either have to call and speak with one of our Enrollment Specialists (866-521-5437) or you’ll have to visit one of our schools. Are you ready to Schedule a Tour now?

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Safe Summer Camp Transportation

Our schools are focused on safety with the children every day that they are in our care. This goes beyond the classroom and into our transportation safety as well. Every Childcare Network driver completes a comprehensive driver training program before transporting the children to and from school.  Each bus is equipped with child scan technology, which ensures that all children properly exit the bus.  We want to ensure you that your children are in the safest care when they are at Childcare Network.

Summer Camp Comparison Checklist

For a Checklist of Safety Components and other Important Factors to look for when touring potential summer camps, click here.

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