The director is always willing to listen and is attentive to our needs and expectations. The teachers and staff all know my child by name and are friendly and happy to see my child each day and inquire when a day is missed. The facility is clean and well maintained with up to date technology and nice equipment for the children to utilize and enjoy. There is evidence that my child is constantly improving development from the impact of his classroom. I would highly recommend this Childcare Network location.

Childcare Network #4 :: Columbus GA
Jennifer Gardner
May 2018
The administration and staff are caring and supportive of our son. He eats good food and has a nap each day. He is quickly becoming more outgoing with other children and learning more about dealing with differences in personality. The teachers are using our standards of behavior in the classroom and reinforces what he learns at home. CCN has good prices and allows drop off service on unscheduled days. Our son is speaking better and is becoming increasingly self sufficient.

I absolutely love this daycare the name a working parents best friend fits it to the t! All the staff is wonderful!!! My daughter Adaliee attends here and I am so impressed with the work they put into each and every kid and there needs! See Adaliee has a speech problem and when I told them they were right on it working with her daily and helping me in the toilet training to! I wish there were more stars to give them because i feel 5 is not enough! Mrs Hailey A is her teach and she is wonderful and loves her class as if they were her on children. I also love Mrs Kym the head lady she is wonderful and take pride in her work! She l Ioves her job and it shows! If ur looking to put u little one in a daycare I highly recommend this one!!!!!!! God Bless

Childcare Network #185 :: Bryant AR
Tony and Kaitlyn
April 2018
Childcare Network 185 is the absolute best! I take great pride in knowing that my babies are going to a school where they are genuinely happy, loved, and learning new things with fun and exciting activities daily. I am comforted in knowing they are loved and greatly cared for. Mrs. Christa is a blessing and a joy to know. She cares for the childcarfe as if they were her own and cares deeply for the school. Joining 185 was the best decision.        

Being a first time mom has had me on edge since my daughter, Milan, was born. Sending her to daycare at such an early age made me feel bad as a mother because I had to go back to work. After visiting several daycares, I made Childcare Network my last stop. Being greeted with such a warm welcome by the assistant director as well as the teachers in the infant classroom. Every time i walk in the building they give me reassurance that she will be ok.

I absolutely love Childcare Network! As this was the first actual school my three kids have been to, I was of course nervous to have them start. Ms. Keisha and Mr.Richie are my daughters teachers. They are very patient with her and keep me updated on everything! I was worried with my oldest son and how he would behave in school. In the beginning its was a little rocky. Ms. Sheena was surprisingly very understanding and works with Jaylan everyday to improve. My youngest son is in the infant room. The infant room is on top of everything! They listen to all of my concerns (being a over protective mom of course) and have never once made me feel like I was a pain. Everything I have ever asked of them has always been taken care of. I love the fact that I get daily updates on what the kids have done that day. I would not have my kids in any other school. Every employee I have came across has been nothing but helpful to me and my family and I would recommend this school to anyone that is looking! Thank You Childcare Network for all that you do!

It's an awesome feeling to be excited for your child to get to spend their day at school. My daughter loves her teachers, the fun activities she gets to participate in, and the friends she has made at Childcare Network. As a parent, I love how excited she is to be at daycare — I also love the detailed dailey reports and pictures that we get! Childcare Network is a blessing to our daughter and a blessing to us all.        

Childcare Network #183 :: Crestview FL
Peggie Easton
February 2018
This is an excellent daycare. Both of my boys (Toddler and Infant) attend Childcare Network (Brookemeade). The staff and leadership made it their priority to provide safe, educational, and responsible care. I knew immediately upon entering the atmosphere that I would love it. There are so many personalities amongst the teachers that sets the pace for the kids. It feels like one big family. 2 year old room: My oldest was the first to start at CCN. The teachers are so caring, yet strict. They set the proper guidelines for the kids teaching them every step of the day. Although I teach educational lessons with my son daily, I was still impressed with the progress he made in other areas like communication. Infant room: Everyone with kids knows that agonizing feeling when it’s time to drop our little babies off at daycare for the first time. As parents, we expect reassurance and closure in the fact that our babies are ok. At the CCN on Brookemeade, they did that for me. By taking out the time to work through certain requests we had, I knew everything would be ok, and they would do their very best to care for my newborn.

So appreciative to have found a daycare that treats my daughter as well as they do. Mrs Haley A. is the best teacher !! She treats my daughter so well and actually cares about her and her well being , even little things she goes out of her way to do for the kids. I have been very satisfied with all the staff that has been around my daughter and has taught her so much and kept her smiling and happy as well. Thank you !!!

My son has been at childcare network 121 since May 2016. I love this center and staff. He has shown great progress and started out in the KPA room with Mrs. Darline Helms where she prepared him extremely well for kindergarten!! This is a great center and i highly recommend it to parents.

Childcare Network #192 :: Conway AR
Marissa Jared
December 2017
It can be hard to find a daycare that you trust with your babies, but Childcare Network in Conway goes above and beyond. We absolutely love the facility and staff and our babe looks forward to seeing his favorite teachers every morning. Mrs. Adrian and Ms. LaRaven treat our little one like their own and provide a safe and fun atmosphere for him to spend the day in!

This is one of the BEST daycares in the Chattanooga area. Every single teacher there puts 110% in when it comes to loving the children. The staff members act as if they're actually a family. The director and assistant director, Jennifer and Amanda, run a very well put together, family friendly, clean, and loving daycare. I wouldn't send my child anywhere else. I know that they will always be in good hands at the Ooltewah Childcare Network!

My 3 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren have been so well cared for by everyone at Childcare network. They are constantly learning and advancing while having fun!

Childcare Network #166 :: Durham NC
Angel Carmichael
May 2017
childcare network is the best daycare i ever let my 2 daughters go to! the teachers are wonderful and kind! this has been the best decision i have made for my daughters their the best!!

My daughter attended this center this year. I will miss this place so much!! The 2 year old class my daughter was in had such wonderful teachers. They always made me feel that my daughter was one of their own. We are so sad to leave due to scheduling conflicts, but if were given the chance to, this would definitely be the place I would want my baby to be at! Thank you Kristen, Crystal, Megan, Melissa and every other staff member there for all that you did! We will truly miss you!!

I've been with thia location for nearly 3 years. The reason I stay is because of the love, care, and attention the teachers give my sons. They treat them like their own and keep me informed of milestones I may have missed while at work...kind of jealous they saw it first, however. Ms. Margaret and Ms Lauren has taken care of both my sons in the infant room. I love that consistency and it shows theirnlove and passion for what they do. Ms. Victoria has been a god send for my 2 year old. I can see his development everyday and he's showing me things i know i haven't taught him. She is absolutely amazing and would love for her to continue teaching him through the 3s!

Childcare Network #135 :: Hixson TN
Tina Villarreal
April 2017
My two year old always comes home happy and loves going to daycare everyday! The staff are amazing! My son and I feel so welcome each time we come in.

My 1 year old attends Childcare Network and I have nothing but GREAT things to say about this school! Every single teacher speaks to me when I walk in and it is obvious that they do the same with the children, as my son is talking up a storm at home now. He always has a fresh diaper on when I come to pick him up and if it is slightly wet when I get there, they change him before we leave. This is one of those schools where you plan life around it. We've had the opportunity to move to a different part of town, but decided to stay where we are because we love the school SO much! Taryn, my son's teacher, is THE BEST and so easy to talk to! I am so pleased with this school!! I 100% recommend!!

Childcare Network #20 :: Savannah GA
Jessica Ellis
February 2017
I love taking my daughter here. She is well taken care of and anytime an issue comes up, Tiffany (the director) addresses it immediately. They have excellent staff and are so convenient for anyone who lives in the Windsor Forest/coffee bluff area. I would definitely recommend this daycare!

Childcare Network #123 :: Bristol VA
Patricia Shoemaker
February 2017
My daughter has been attending for nearly 2 years, and I have been thoroughly pleased with the level of care and education that CCN has provided. Her current teacher is Mr. Kevin Love, and he is my daughter's favorite teacher thus far. He goes out of his way to provide a fun-filled learning environment, and works to build sincere relationships with each child. I greatly appreciate his devotion to education and caring, and his efforts to prepare my daughter for her next big step, kindergarten!