Childcare Network on Mackay Rd is an exceptional and caring childcare service provider. My 2 year-old son has grown and developed into an amazing toddler, thanks to the education and guidance of Childcare Network's teachers.        

Childcare Network #146 :: Archdale NC
Shena Jenkins
October 2018
My daughter has attended Childcare Network since she was 6 months and she will be 4 next month. I have been very pleased with Childcafre Network the entire time. I appreciate the staff and the quality of care they provide. I always appreciate the way they will work with you if you're having trouble with tuition. They keep a clean facility and I can drop my daughter off and go to work with no worries.

Childcare Network #253 :: High Point NC
Zulahit Cuevas
October 2018
I am a mother of two girls who attend Childcare Network #253. As a mother, my expectations were really high in the care for my daughters and I am happy that this daycare meets my expectations. My 5 year old girl learned how to write her name with her teacher before she started pre-k/ I can see in my girls that they enjoy and love being in daycare. All the staff are more than lovely and the place is always organized and clean. They are always attentive with everyone. My 2 year old is now potty training thanks to her teachers help.

Childcare Network #297 :: Elon NC
Christy Owens
October 2018
Parker has learned so much since being enrolled at Childcare Network #297 and we have noticed that she talks more.        

I’m blown away by the level of care and safety they offer. The teachers are experienced and qualified. The doors are code locked...the list of positive things I can say go on and on! Most of all the director and staff are amazing people who truly care! #BestChildcareEver

Childcare Network #229 :: Smyrna GA
Bernisha Vetharaj
June 2018
Being a working parent my primary concern was to enroll my kid in a daycare where he would feel home and this place didn't disappoint me. My kid has been going here for 2 years now and I have no complaints. The teachers are very friendly and caring providing good atmosphere for the kid. Ms Lisa, asst director has always been very helpful and understanding. Ms Sacha the director is also very approachable. Both the directors are always available and ready to look into any issues/concerns and get it resolved asap. I would definitely recommend this daycare center.

My girls love this school. You know it's a great place when your kids push you out the door and are ready to play and learn. It is also very clean and that makes a difference. Their teachers are great and the administration is wonderful and very professional.

Childcare Network #178 :: Arden NC
Shamira Wiley
April 2018
I was very nervous about starting my 6 week old baby boy(he's 6 months now) BUT I am glad that I chose Childcare Network #178!!! The teachers from the back staff to the front staff have been AMAZING!!! The Kidz Portal is awesome to have to check my child's daily activities but, they still encourage to call at anytime to check on your child which is great for me, especially those days I know that he's been fussy and I'm at work praying he doesn't give them a hard time (lol). The women there make me feel at ease every morning I drop him off as well as picking him up. I cant thank these ladies enough so I'll say it again....THANK YOU!!!!

Childcare Network #121 :: Monroe NC
A Google Reviewer
March 2018
My 3 year old comes to childcare network of monroe and I have nothing but good things to say about them. The saff is the most caring and understanding staff i have experienced with at a daycare. I highly recommend them.

Childcare Network #223 :: Warner Robins GA
Brandi Kendrick
February 2018
I have 2 children that had been attending Childcare Network on Corder Rd since 2012. My experience here has always been great! The staff is always in a great mood and always willing to give positive response about my children! Mrs. Denise, Dirctor of Childcare Network has a huge role in the education of my children. She has been very helpful with the care of my children as one of them has a medical condition. When ever there was a concern, it was always addressed. The school is always clean and The use s finger print sign in and out system for safety. The school is conveniently located and near the base. The school offers Active Duty Military Discount and After School Program as well as Free Pre-K Program. Offers free school meals. I would recommend Childcare Network to anyone looking for a positive outcome.

Childcare Network #60 :: Raleigh NC
Google Reviewer
October 2017
Students learn from great teachers at Childcare Network! Excellent and caring staff.

Childcare Network #259 :: Grand Prairie TX
Kati Pennington
September 2017
My little girl is jumps out of the bed when I ask 'do you wanna go to school?' She loves it so much and never have any problems out of any of the staff that works with her. You can tell they are very loving people and enjoy my child along with the other children as well.. I love the program they have, the daily reports go straight to your email and we even get pictures thru out the day! They even have a app. It's perfect!

We toured this facility and it was well kept and clean. The staff was nice and friendly. Once our daughter starts we feel she will be in good hands.

Childcare Network #98 :: Cornelius NC
Kristen McCall
March 2017
The entire staff her is very compassionate, caring and tentative to the individual needs of both my two year olds! They have been enrolled for over a year and wouldn't change it!

Everyone at #188 have been so great over the years. This is one reason we have stayed with yall. Yeah there were some hard times but we felt right to stay as long as certain people where staying like Ms.Jessica and Ms.Paula! We have witnessed a lot go on with this center and all we can say is Ms.Heather you are the bomb! Things for the kids seem to have done nothing but get better since you have been the director. Ms.Paula in the morning time is great! All of the ladies in the baby rooms A and B (I think thats what they are called) have been outstanding. Ms. Fawzia (I am horible with names but I think that is it) is great. Even when communication might be an issue she knows exactly what I mean and what is best with Hollie Anne. Hollie Anne can not wait to jump in her arms in the morning. And Ms. Wallace is wonderful with Kate! I can not say enough great things about Ms.Wallace.

Childcare Network #98 :: Cornelius NC
Echnsabeth Simmons
March 2017
We love Childcare Network! Everyone is so sweet and Jash love all the teachers! Excellent staff! Great daycare!

Childcare Network #85 :: Southport NC
Brittany Keeler
March 2017
I love Mrs.Yasmine to death she has worked with me as much as she could she also has helped me with getting daycare assistance. Mrs.Queeny is a very special person to me and a lot of ppl. I knw my son adores her and is very happy when I drop him off I don't have to worry bout my child when he is here...

Childcare Network #164 :: Lewisville NC
Penny Spernoga
January 2017
I love how my children are excited to go to school every morning! I know that their teachers care for them as if they were their own by how much my boys love it!

Childcare Network #166 :: Durham NC
Google Reviewer
January 2017
My daughters went to this center for a few months untill we relocated. It was wonderful the staff was loving and show that they genuinely care for your children. The administration was alway avalible if you needed help or wanted to know something it was all around a wonderful center.

Childcare Network #123 :: Bristol VA
Alexandra Powers
January 2017
We are so thankful for Childcare Network. I have peace of mind while I'm at work, knowing my son is learning, having fun, and safe. My son LOVES Miss Addie in the Toddler Room, and he has learned so much already. Childcare Network is fantastic and I would recommend it to any parent!