I was nervous about my daughter starting school, but when I met Ms. Shay and Mrs. Cassandra they made me feel better. I knew that my child was in good hands the first day of school. They welcomed her with open arms and made her feel comfortable. They have helped my daughter in so many ways. Their teaching ethics are great, and their personalities makes you and your child feel at home. I have no worries at all when I drop my daughter off at school. She has a smile on her every morning because of the love they show her. I'm one happy and satisfied parent. I will miss these two wonderful ladies, and I know daughter will as well.. thanks again for what you do Ms. Shay and Mrs. Cassandra. Much love..

This place is nothing short of amazing. My son has been there for going on a year, and he has really blossomed. The teachers and directors there really care for your children. I even take my oldest there when he is out of school. My two year-old went from being shy and somewhat stubborn to sharing his toys and using his manners. The building is always clean and smells pleasant. My son thoroughly enjoys himself, and has not caught any germs or came home ill. I would highly recommend this place to all parents.

Childcare Network #36 :: Columbus GA
Christine Morris
April 2018
My newborn has been attending the Farr Road center for 2 months. He is in the "bright baby room" which is ran by Ms. Kia she is absolutely the best!!! This center is fill with loving caring individuals that truly have a heart and passion for kids. Ms. Kia has been able to get my son out of his whining spells and he is actually on a routine now. His face instantly lights up and he begins to smile when we enter the room and he sees his teachers. When I drop him off and go to work I'm not worried or concerned. I encourage every parent to bring their kids of all ages to Childcare Network on Farr Rd. I promise you will not regret it. Thanks Ms. Kia for being a wonderful teacher and thanks to the all the staff for the friendly smiles and greetings each and everyday. YOU GUYS ROCK

We love their family approach to caring for our sweetest boy. He’s had a hard start in life and all of the teachers approach him with love and communicate so well with me. I love the team and how they mix fun and learning. Thank you for loving our very strong willed boy and we can’t wait till our other can come. I’ve already recommended this center to friends and would do it again.

I adore Childcare Network #206. My child has been here for 8 months and I love it!! Mrs. Hogges is always professional and she handles any concerns I have immediately. The staff is friendly and the building always smells amazing. Sometimes I forget it's a daycare!

Childcare Network #206 :: Forest Park GA
Anthony V. Jordan
April 2018
Childcare Network is a good nursery because mainly they care for your kids and respect all parents.                        

Childcare Network #151 :: Navarre FL
Yadira Burnette
March 2018
My child (4) loves going to school. The teacher worked with my during the morning routine so that she wouldn't be so upset. Always had something waiting for her to do whether it was writing her name or an activity. It made the transition much easier. I love the new KidReport Notifier. It sends me daily update about her activities and meals. My overall experience is great. I feel like I've made personal connections with the staff. My favorite daycare!

Childcare Network #206 :: Forest Park GA
Lolita Bazel-Baylor
March 2018
This location is very good and my daughter & I are very fortunate to have found Childcare Network. Everyone here is very courteous and caring. They are all every good with my child/grandson. 

Childcare Network #151 :: Navarre FL
Christine Proskovec
March 2018
Kayde and I both love this daycare. He loves going everyday because of the teachers, his friends, and all the fun activities they do throughout the day. I love all the teachers and the cute artwork he brings home. Ms. Crystal does an amazing job and Kayde loves her.

Childcare Network #186 :: Bryant AR
Tyler Broyles
February 2018
Ms. Irma and the other staff in my son's room have been great. I received a report that my 3-year-old son was not being consistent on holding his pencil correctly. A few days later my son was working on tracing his name at home and I noticed he was using the perfect form to hold his pencil. I told him good job and he said "Ms. Irma has been teaching me not to hold it like this but to hold it this way." I was impressed that the issue was identified, communicated, addressed, and resolved by the staff. They are not just babysitters. They really do a great job delivering a curriculum while making it fun for the kids.

Childcare Network #46 :: Gadsden AL
Keelie Holland
October 2017
I am so glad that I found CCN about 5 years ago!! I have sent both of my kids here and my oldest loves coming back to see his teachers!! They are great at what they do and they love the kids as if they were their own. My little one comes home with her activities and loves to show them off. Karen and staff are wonderful and I would HIGHLY recommend them to any of my friends or family!

Childcare Network #109 :: Fayetteville NC
Rachel Neuenkirchen
August 2017
I absolutely love Childcare Network 109! One of the staff members, Ms. Yvonne, is always so helpful and kind. The teachers in the 2 year old class, Ms. Maria and Ms. Tameka, are wonderful with the kids. They have both been so helpful in teaching my son to use the potty and he has really opened up with them. This is such a happy, loving place for my children to be.

Childcare Network in Fuquay has exceeded all my expectations! The teachers treat my kids as if they are their own! My kids love going there and I feel very confident when I drop them off! My kids have learned so much since attending Childcare Network that I am amazed how my 3 year old recognized his numbers and knowing his letters and recognizing different items! My daughter is finally coming out of her shyness shell and I enjoy watching her interact with the class! This center amazes me!

Childcare Network is the right place to let our kids learn and enjoy being around other kids. Ms. Jill is so sweet and she is taking care of my kid and help him through the transition. I am so appreciated for her efforts to keep my son happy and learn him how to be independent person.

Ms.Jill has been Zaldon's teacher and always greets him in the mornings. She lets me know about his day and take time to get to know him and his growing personality.

Childcare Network #240 :: Gastonia NC
Google Reviewer
April 2017
I love childcare network #240. The staff is very friendly. Also the facility is very clean. They correspond with the parents using ipads and send detailed reports daily. I can also use an app to see what my child is doing. I love this daycare.

Since enrolling my daughter at Childcare Network she has learned alot. We enrolled her when she was 1 years old. It was a tough decision to make, but we're glad we did it. Since enrolling Arianna she's learned all her ABC's. She can count to 15 and is able to effectively communicate her wants. The staff is awesome and my daughter loves coming here and doesn't want to leave when it's time to go, but I understand why, becuase this is a great place to be.

Childcare Network #37 :: Opelika AL
Kimberly Smith
March 2017
Great facility. My little girl is happy when dropped off and happy when picked up. They take great care of her!

Childcare Network #266 :: Carrollton GA
Bonnie A. Gibbs
February 2017
A GREAT DAYCARE I have been using this daycare since 2011 and I have been very satisfied. My child has always loved the adults that look after the children. This is his last year as he will age out at 13 years old. He loves the children that are in the after school program and will miss them as well as the staff. This is a very safe and caring place to leave your children and is one of the best priced daycares in town.

Childcare Network #255 :: Georgetown KY
Christopher A. Lykins
February 2017
We have two children, one has gone through this center from Creation Kingdom to Childcare Network and our youngest started just as they were changing over. The staff here really cares for the children. Even the teachers in other rooms know the names of our children! It's a nice feeling to know your not just a number or check! Can't recommend this place enough!