Childcare Network #94 :: Charlotte NC
Dominique Sanders
December 2018
My children have attended Childcare Network in University for serveral years now. Since Erica Pitrack has become the Director and Lindsey Garner has become the Assistant Director the center has had amazing improvements. Both administrators provide communication about my children everyday. When I drop my children off or pick them up they are both welcoming with positive attitudes and smiles. As a parent I am happy and comfortable leaving my children each day. I love receiving pictures of my children playing and learning through out the day. Thank you Erica, Lindsey and the teachers for taking great care of my children.

Childcare Network #3 :: Phenix City AL
Asian Dinkins
November 2018
I have 4 beautiful children that attend this wonderful daycare. My children and I are very blessed to have such great loving people in our lives. The festival was a huge success. The food was great and we had a blast. The best place to for any child to grow and succeed.

My son has only been here a short time and I have seen so much growth. They are REALLY learning through play (not for fake like some places). He is speaking Spanish, learning sight words, and just doing well. The place is nice, the teachers are great, the supervisor is amazing and gives my baby extra hugs if he is having a rough morning (weekly). It just really is a good place. PLUS its affordable.

Childcare Network #163 :: Greensboro NC
Pierre Griffin
October 2018
I have been very happily satisfied with all of the staff at the network. Everyone is way helpful and cooperative. The teachers are caring and attentive and the administration is always on top of sharing information concerning events a well as polivies. I really appreciate this team of people and will recommend them to friends.        

I feel that Childcare Network is a caring and nurturing facility. Staff is always smiling and welcoming when you arrive and leave the facility. They keep you informed with how your child is going during the day and what they have eaten, My child has learned so much being in Childcare Network.        

Childcare Network #229 :: Smyrna GA
Bernisha Vetharaj
June 2018
Being a working parent my primary concern was to enroll my kid in a daycare where he would feel home and this place didn't disappoint me. My kid has been going here for 2 years now and I have no complaints. The teachers are very friendly and caring providing good atmosphere for the kid. Ms Lisa, asst director has always been very helpful and understanding. Ms Sacha the director is also very approachable. Both the directors are always available and ready to look into any issues/concerns and get it resolved asap. I would definitely recommend this daycare center.

Ms. Hogges taught my son in Pre-K back in 2003. He graduated from highschool last year so when I found our that she was running the school, I immediately enrolled my granddaughter, Taylor. I knew that I would be dropping her off in good hands and to someone that is passionate about the childcare profession. I love my grandaughter's teachers as well. They take extra time to make sure she has everything she needs. I have seen so much growth in my baby and she has so much personality. Definitely going to stick around awhile. Thanks CNI 206!

Childcare Network #308 :: Ft. Worth TX
Samantha Elliott
March 2018
Childcare Network #308 is absolutely amazing! My oldest daughter started here at 6 months old and my youngest daughter started when she was 1. I could not ask for a better school, teachers, or environment. I would be so lost without this school. When I drop my babies off I know that they are in good hands and loved by everyone. Dropping your children off with strangers is a scary thought but this school has never been strangers to my family. They have treated us like they have known us all their lives. The staff here really care about the kids educations and well-being. I would never call this a daycare! This a school, a learning facility, a safe environment. My kids come home every day learning something new and excited about their day. I have been to other daycares where the education means nothing to the teachers. At Childcare Network education means everything. The fear of leaving my kids while I provide a better future for them never crosses my mind. I highly recommend this place for anyone seeking childcare.                

Childcare Network #207 :: Greensboro NC
Tiffany Littlejohn
January 2018
I have a 2 year old that has been attending childcare network since she was an infant. This is hands down the best daycare in Greensboro. The staff are knowledgeable and friendly. I highly recommend childcare network for first time parents or parents that are sceptical about sending their children to daycare.

Childcare Network #121 :: Monroe NC
Sandra Allen
January 2018
I have two grandchildren that attend Childcare Network 121. They both enjoy their time there. The teachers are fantastic, and I have not had any problems that were not attended to to my satisfaction and in a timely manner. The youngest is learning what she needs to go to Kindergarten and loves both her teachers. The oldest has a learning and behavior issue, which at times can be trying, but her teachers, Ms. Jackie, and Ms. Carrie handle any situation with love and understanding. I highly recommend Childcare Network 121 to any parent who is looking for quality childcare for there children.

Childcare Network #191 :: Little Rock AR
Brittany Crawford
September 2017
Both my children attend school here and love it. They've been so instrumental in potty training my oldest and as a worker my parent, im grateful for that.

Childcare Network #208 :: McDonough GA
Courtney Horton
September 2017
I love this childcare facility. They are very friendly and caring. My two year old daughter loves it there and she feels comfortable when I leave her in the mornings. She has become very attached to the teachers and has learned a lot including ABC's and how to count. I am extremely satisfied with Childcare Network and would recommend it to anyone looking for awesome childcare.

Childcare Network #194 :: Haltom City TX
Josephine Shanthi
August 2017
The place is awesome for my kids. They really enjoy this daycare.

We have been coming to CNI #182 for 8 years. Ms. Jill had all three of our boys in her class. My boys have learned so much and have been well-prepared for kindergarten. We know that they are loved! 

We moved to this childcare network about 1 and a half years ago and happy that we did. The staff here is very professional and friendly. They have become a second home for our children and a great support for us as the full time working parents. ?????? Very greatful to have you guys be a part of our kids journey in development and growing up.

My son has been here for a year and a half so far and it's been a wonderful experience for us both. All of the employees are so kind and professional. It's a very nice and clean establishment with a welcoming and comforting atmosphere for both the children and parents. I toured so many daycares and felt great about my decision choosing this location. I drive a little over 15 minutes just to get there and repeat the drive after work, it's worth every mile to me.

My family went through several daycares before we found Childcare Network in Belmont. We can trust the teachers and staff with our child's well-being and education. Very pleased with our child's growth and would recommend them to anyone.

This is the best daycare ever.

My kids have been going here since 2006, and they had so much fun, the rooms are filled with age appropriate toys and the teachers are so nice and love the kids like there own. Now my two older boys 12 & 9 do after school care and no longer go to this daycare but my 2 1/2 year old does and he has the same teacher my 9 yr old had which is awesome! Everyone there is always smiling and you can honestly tell they love kids and there job. I would strongly recommend this daycare!

Childcare Network #20 :: Savannah GA
Heather Kevin Sheehan
January 2017
My daughter is 2.5 years old and has been going to CNI #20 for about a year and a half. Words cannot describe how much I love the staff at this school. The love they have for my daughter is almost as much as I have for her. They truly care about the well-being of each child, as well as their education. My heart breaks knowing that my daughter won't be attending here once we move. The staff are not only co-workers, but a family. They have their own relationship with each child and their parents, they get to know you on a personal level and make you apart of their CNI family. I am so blessed to have had them apart of my family and my daughter life. It just won't be the same once we leave