Childcare Network #59 :: Raleigh NC
Google Reviewer
August 2018
Childcare Network on E. Six Forks is an outstanding school. My family's experience here has been so positive. Great teachers and a wonderful staff who are consistent and prepared make this a very special place. Ms. Corinne and Ms. Ebony----you have such effective teachers and we thank you all for teaching our kids over the years.

My son goes here and enjoys coming to school! It’s always good to know that he is comfortable and thinks of this as a place where he has friends and teachers that truely love and care for him. I also love that they are open for a longer period of time than other schools for those with work schedules of all types. If there’s one thing that this place differs from any other daycare/school, it's the staff. Everyone seems to know who every child is, their schedule, and their needs, even if they aren’t the child’s teacher.

I love love love this school! I have taught for 26 years and have six kids. This is one of the best experiences I have ever had for my kids. The staff has a family feel and I am totally confident when he stays at this school. He loves coming here and is always eager to go. Matthew's teacher, Ms. Sherry, is wonderful and has a strong background. She is caring and compassionate. I feel that she is always fair and treats my son as if he is her own. The management team at Childcare Network is amazing. I have personally worked with both of them and have a new experience with them now being a parent instead of a co-worker. I have so much respect for how they handle the day to day operations. If you are looking for structure, safety, and and engaging experience for your child, I highly recommend going to this school.

Childcare Network #96 :: Matthews NC
Chiquita Caudle
April 2018
I would highly recommend Childcare Network. The facility is nicely organized and clean. The Teachers are trained professionals and are eager to teach the children every day. My daughter has a special diet and the Director has been flexible with her daily meals. My Son also attended the Daycare and was learning sight words at 3! He is now in the advanced reading classes at his School!!!

Being a first time mom has had me on edge since my daughter, Milan, was born. Sending her to daycare at such an early age made me feel bad as a mother because I had to go back to work. After visiting several daycares, I made Childcare Network my last stop. Being greeted with such a warm welcome by the assistant director as well as the teachers in the infant classroom. Every time i walk in the building they give me reassurance that she will be ok.

I love Childcare Network 206! I also love CNI Cares because it shows me they are growing with technology. The most amazing management staff. Somceone is always up front to greet you as you come in the door. I love this school!

Childcare Network #151 :: Navarre FL
Christine Proskovec
March 2018
Kayde and I both love this daycare. He loves going everyday because of the teachers, his friends, and all the fun activities they do throughout the day. I love all the teachers and the cute artwork he brings home. Ms. Crystal does an amazing job and Kayde loves her.

Childcare Network #76 :: New Bern NC
Jazmine Taylor
March 2018
From the first day I started bringing my daughter here, we have loved it. The teachers are very interactive with the children as well as parents. Childcare network is a friendly place and teachers welcome parents and children with open arms. My daughter is learning a lot, especially with her being 15 months. She knows more than I thought she did, and each week she is learning more and becoming more social.

Childcare Network #189 :: Benton AR
Lorraine Hicks
February 2018
I would recommend to anyone. Directors and staff are always helpful. We use for after school care and summers. When kids arrive after school they are greeted with a snack and summer program are filled with weekly themed activities and at least 1 trip per week. Great job all of you at Childcare Network!

Childcare Network #157 :: Greensboro NC
Justine Cuevas
January 2018
Moving to a new town, i thought it would be hard to trust new people with my kids. But they have eased my mind multiple times. Both my children attend childcare network and i couldn't be more pleased. They are very patient and understanding. I love how they have summer activities and find ways to keep them busy. Its a bonus that they are able to pick up my son from school. After work i only have to go to one location to get them instead of two. Having peace of mind on a workday is amazing.

Childcare Network #63 :: Virginia Beach VA
Heather Ackerman
October 2017
This is our first experience with childcare prior to Kindergarten. The staff here have been wonderful with us and our child, from the tour to the day to day day! I love the end of day report and the ability to look in on my child's day.

Amazing Employees! Very nice and caring

Childcare Network #190 :: Little Rock AR
Chrissy DeClue
September 2017
Love this place. So happy for the amazing workers that love my kids as their own and for the great hours, balanced meals, and secure location. Editing review to reiterate that this is, a year later, still a great place to come to! Love the location as it is secure and love the policies of outdoor time, learning curriculum, and partnership with KidSource Therapy for onsite services.

Childcare Network #196 :: Grand Prairie TX
Citerika Caldwell
September 2017
I absolutely love and adore Ms. LaErika. She is amazing. My baby loves her as well. She is one of a kind. I feel so comfortable with her being his teacher.

Great school with positive workers.

I know how challenging working in child care is, and how much skill and time directors put into it. My children love you and we thank you for your dedication.

My husband and I love Childcare Network (Price rd.). The Director (Mrs.Deborah) is wonderful. She loves and cares for all the children. I have 3 boys who have attended the daycare for over 4 years. I trust the director and her staff to take care of my boys. I appreciate her and her staff (Mrs. Katrina, Ms. Hill, etc...) The staff is the reason we stay and the love shown towards my children. Thanks Ms. Deborah!!

My baby started attending Childcare Network at 8 weeks old. As a working mother, I struggled with leaving my baby in someone else's care, but I could not be happier with this daycare. Her teachers, Joni and Stephanie, are wonderful! My baby has torticollis, which makes it difficult for her to turn her head to the left. Before I even mentioned it to them, they noticed the problem and asked if I would like for them to stretch her neck while she's at daycare. They are very observant and play a big role in helping my daughter reach new developmental milestones. We chose Childcare Network mainly because of the certification process that each teacher goes through. It is evident that they are held to high standards. Thank you, Childcare Network!

Ms. Stephanie and the staff here are amazing. They are very friendly and welcoming and always seem to be encouraging the children. My little one looks forward to going to see her friends every day!

Childcare Network #262 :: Denton TX
Prescilla Sim
January 2017
My daughter has been attending this daycare for almost two years. The teachers that she has had have all been really great. The Assistant manager is always so helpful when I call with any of my concerns. They did get a new director, Kerri(may have misspelled ) She has been wonderful!! They have changed a lot since shes been there , in the best way. I'm so glad I chose this daycare!